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1 in 10 divorces happen due to inlaws

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According to a 2013 survey carried out in the UK, one in ten divorces are caused by inlaws interfering. The study was carried out by the Co-Operative Legal Services, who surveyed 2,000 married couples as well as 800 divorcees.

Interfering in-laws came in 8th place as the main reason why couples got divorced. Affairs, selfishness, and personality traits, were ranked as the top three reasons respectfully.

One out of three divorcees mentioned arguments over how often couples seen family or parents as causing tension, while one fifth of the couples still married said their parents were a positive influence on their relationship.

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Via Shutterstock

According to the Co-operative on legal services, a big issue with couples is that they spend too much time planning their wedding and not enough time talking about their future and what they want.

“When getting engaged, couples spend so much effort planning for the wedding day of their dreams that they lose sight of the next 50 years of married life.”Christina Blacklaws, Director of Family Law at C0-operative Legal Services, said to them Dailymail.


According to figures compiled by RTE Investigations, the main reasons cited in Ireland for divorce were personal reasons.

Figures compiled by RTE also showed that the counties which have the highest divorce rates are Dublin, Waterford, and Carlow.

Despite this, the recent CSO figures for divorce in Ireland are positive, as they show that Ireland has the lowest divorce rate in the EU.

According to statistics, there is a 0.6 out of 1,000 divorce rate.





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