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We Can’t Believe This Designer Lookalike Bag Is Only €13 From Penneys

Who needs to splash the cash on a designer bag when Penneys has got an identical one in store for only €13. Our favourite Irish shop has done it again, and we couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on this fabulous contrast panelled beige and black handbag with the cutest little fluff ball on […]

Penneys Have The Perfect Winter Jumper In Store For Just €16

Penneys, we love you! We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for the perfect winter wooly jumper that will go with everything we own, and that we can wear everywhere and we’re delighted to say that we’ve found it in Penneys foe only €16. This cream and navy stripped jumper is absolutely perfect because you can dress […]

This Gorgeous Bomber From River Island Has Gone Down From €55 To Only €18

We are in love… As we all know, bombers have been seriously on trend the past few seasons and it looks like they’re going nowhere. As always, River Island have a banging sale on right now, and we’re in love with almost every single item that has been marked down, but this stunning contrast bomber […]

This Outfit From Penneys Is Absolutely Stunning For ONLY €32

Penneys, you’ve done it again! It’s safe to say that we want absolutely everything that’s in Penneys right now, but after seeing this gorgeous outfit on Instagram, we’ve gained some serious style inspiration for the next few months ahead. Lets start with this fabulous black and white striped jumper for only €16. This looks incredible […]

This Pink Duster Coat From Penneys Is All We Need This October

This is the coat of dreams! There’s nothing more stunning than a duster coat, especially this pale pink number from Penneys. This is an absolute dream and it will go with almost anything in your wardrobe and will add that little bit of class and edge to any outfit that you wear. @ellenextdoor looks totally […]

We Have Fallen In Love With This Woolen Coat From Lidl

Ladies, there’s no need to worry about splashing all your cash on a coat this winter because Lidl have got you covered, in both senses of the word. We usually feel like we have to spend half our weeks wages on a coat that will last us through the whole winter – the rain, the […]

This GORGEOUS Jumpsuit From River Island Is The Steal Of The Century

River Island you’ve done it again… The night’s are getting darker and colder, and the thought of going on a night out wearing bare legs is terrifying. That’s why this GORGEOUS deep green jumpsuit is ideal for the chilly nights ahead. At only €24 this is a complete steal because it’s gone down from €65, so there’s […]

We Have Fallen Completely In Love With These Fluffy Handbags In Penneys

How CUTE are these though! We feel like we need absolutely every item of clothing that’s in Penneys at the moment, and these fabulous little fluffy handbags are no exception. How gorge are these fluffy bags?! 😍 Just £7/€10 each! #Primark #Primania #accessories A photo posted by Primark (@primark) on Oct 4, 2016 at 12:10pm […]

Everybody Is Obsessed With This Burgundy Shearling Jacket From Penneys!

OMG! How is this ONLY €23? We’re all about bargains here in RSVP and this is literally the bargain of the century. We’re absolutely stone crazy about most of the new Autumn/Winter collection in Penneys but this FABULOUS burgundy shearling jacket has to be our top pick of the entire year so far. Feeling these autumn […]

This Faux Fur Coat From Tesco Is The Coat Of Our Dreams

Tesco, you’ve done it again… Just when we thought we’d never be able to afford all the designer faux fur coat’s out there, Tesco go and stock this in their latest Autumn/Winter collection and we couldn’t be happier about it. This stunning coat is a designer lookalike to lots of style we’ve been seeing on […]

This Glitter Bag From Penneys Is All We Need In Our Lives

This is deadly. Sequin season is here!! 🙌😍 Bags £7/€10 each #Primark #Primania #bags #sequins #accessories #sparkly A photo posted by Primark (@primark) on Sep 29, 2016 at 9:39am PDT You can’t beat a bit of glitter, especially when it comes to bags. That’s why we’re over the moon that Penneys have just added these two […]

We Can’t Believe These Glitter Runners Are Only €15

You can’t beat a bit of glitter gals… Penneys are killing it at the moment, and if there’s one thing that takes our fancy it’s the gym gear. In particular, these fabulous glittery runners which will have you looking extra glam while you’re running on that treadmill or lifting those weights. Workout in style 💪🏼 […]

This Faux Fur Coat From Tesco Is All We Need This Autumn/Winter

Tesco, you’ve done it again… Just when we thought we’d never be able to afford all the designer faux fur coat’s out there, Tesco go and stock this in their latest Autumn/Winter collection and we couldn’t be happier about it. This stunning coat is a designer lookalike to lots of style we’ve been seeing on […]

This Suede Burgundy Skirt From Penneys Is A Complete Steal At Only €8

You know it’s Autumn when the burgundy colours make their way back into Penneys. City dreaming… Prices from €8/$12 #Primark #womenswear #Primania A photo posted by Primark (@primark) on Sep 26, 2016 at 3:08am PDT And it’s safe to say that this skirt is one of our most favorite pieces in store at the minute. […]

HOMES AND INTERIORS: How To Clear The Clutter

Letting go of unneeded belongings is hard to do and most of us are guilty of hoarding from time to time. Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo is on a mission to clear the clutter from our lives and her housekeeping manual, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has inspired legions of people to embrace the […]

Would You Pay €120 For This Dress From Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores used to be the SLIGHTLY more expensive version of Penneys but these days it’s more like Harrods in London because everything seems to be out of this world expensive. Take this dress for example! If you saw this in the window with no price tag, you may guess that it’s around €15 or €20 in […]

These Shoes From Penneys Are To Die For

Penneys, what are you doing to us? As if it wasn’t bad enough that we barely have any money already, after seeing these, we feel compelled to spend whatever money we have left on these GORGEOUS shoes that have just arrived in Penneys. You simply cannot beat a black pair of flats, especially when they’re […]

This Printed Playsuit From River Island Is Down From €60 To Just €24

HOW Alexa Chung is this though? River Island have the best sale on at the minute and there are loads of stunning pieces for half the price they used to be, but this stunning patterned playsuit really took our fancy. This has gone down from €60 to ONLY €24 so there’s no excuse to miss out on […]

This Is Honestly The Prettiest Dress We’ve Ever Seen In Penneys

We NEED this in our lives! There’s a lot of stuff we love in Penneys right now, and there just seems to be more and more beautiful pieces being added to the Autumn/Winter collection but without a doubt, this is our most favorite piece by far. The fabulous Love Lauren shared this stunning photo of […]