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Congratulations to Miss Universe Ireland 2012 Adrienne Murphy!

RSVP would like to congratulate Miss Dandelion Adrienne Murphy who was crowned Miss Universe Ireland 2012 at 10.30pm last night. We are absolutely delighted for the Dublin beauty. Adrienne has just finished a four year course in Advertising and Marketing Communications with a first class honours degree. She beat off strong competition for the coveted […]

RSVP Beauty Awards – Body

 Best Shower Foam L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil €19.50 Worth getting out of bed for; the almond oil transforms on contact with water into a fab foam with a delicious scent. leaves skin soft and toned.   Best Inexpensive Buy   Nivea Firming Body Oil Q10 Plus €9.99 t This multipurpose oil enriched with skin’s own […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Luscious Lips, Rosy Cheeks, and Soft Eyelids

Mac my lips up!  Oh what fun I had last week, trying on lippy with Miss Cork, Katriona, at an event we were invited to in Brown Thomas. A sneak  peek at MAC’s Christmas collection, two weeks before these hot cakes go on sale to the public. Anyone who is up to speed on Xmas […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Baths, Ballistics and Twilight!

Lucky in Lush As a beauty blogger you get sent products in the post to try and review. The latest launch, new product added to their line, a press release etc. But Stephanie in Lush’s PR department is a bit special. She generally sends you stuff for the fun of it I reckon.  This week, […]

Hair Tips From BaByliss Hair Care

The BaByliss 50m Big Hair Styler   Big hair gives you hair that’s shiny, sexy, and totally fabulous. It’s the bigger, the better when it comes to fashionable hair, and Big Hair will you that beautiful on-trend look. Use on damp or nearly dry hair and let the large rotating barrel easily create that all-essential […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Jackie Collins, Skin Blemishes And Julia’s Scent!

Yves “Sinner” Laurent? YSL is a luxury brand that always reminds me of utter decadence, but just with a touch of sleaze. I have no idea why? Like a highly-polished, female record label CEO from a Jackie Collins’ book who’s high-powered and respected, but just a tiny bit of a slut. A bit naughty perhaps..It […]

Opening Of Pink Beauty Emporium at Dundrum Town Centre.

Pink Beauty Emporium Signature Day Spa & Beauty Salon was host to a beautiful and exclusive event at its Dundrum Town Centre location. The Day Spa and Salon, spread over three floors, is a haven for beauty and well-being enthusiasts. A number of well-known beauty editors and famous faces were in attendance at a private […]

Lippy: Kate Talks CFW, Younger Looking Skin, and Minimising Pores

Cork Fashion Week I’m writing this as fashion week draws to a close. Only one more event this Thursday – a vintage night in the Oliver Plunkett. The design show went without a hitch, thank God, although we did lose an eyebrow on the runway! One eyebrow out of 14 ain’t bad! The brilliant Mairead, […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Soft Hands, Volume Curly Hair, and Cork Fashion Week

Hands down, best weekend!  I got to Electric Picnic  this year! A festival I adore  but only get to attend every second year (due to work commitments). I think it’s a combination of my favourite things…. Music, art, drama, and friends. (if I’m completely honest, it’s totally about the music, yeah,  but coupled with a […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Feet Fads, Nail Caviar, and Skin Hydration

Freaky foot!   I’m not a squeamish person. I’m a touch afraid of certain insects but I’ll taste most foods no matter how disgusting they are, and don’t mind blood and gore (on the big screen obviously), as much as some. But one thing that freaks me out is dressing toes as fingers!! I just don’t […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Lashes, Shadows and Fixing Your Face

Something Of A Fanomenon Arriving at a wedding recently to look after the bridal party’s make up needs, I join the hairdresser Audrey from Upstyle Junkie in the front room, where we’ll set up our makeshift salon for the morning. I’m not in the room ten seconds when I notice Audrey’s  lashes and admire her […]

Lippy: Kate On Eyebrow Threading, Tom Ford & Bribing Your Bro!

  This week Kate talks about eyebrow threading, the subtle art of bribing her brother, swooning over Tom Ford and marvelling over Maestro.    GUY BROWS I got an email from the lovely Elaine in The Body Shop last week asking if they could treat me to a threading in my local store. I hadn’t […]

Lippy: Kate Talks Dramatic Make-Up, Bio Oil & Sleep-In Rollers

Illamasqua Passion (I’m about to get poetic and nerdy!)   Illamasqua is one of the most exciting make up ranges available today. Uber glamorous juxtaposed with a touch of darkness, its identity is based on the “illicit 1920s club scene” taking influence from a melting pot of different alternative trends. I get so excited about […]

Lippy: Scarlett But No Longer Brow-Beaten

Lushful This week I tried a few things from Lush’s new make up range Emotional Brilliance that I spoke of last week. Collecting my parcel of samples from the RSVP office, I was so excited as it felt so heavy! (I’m still new to this receiving products in the post and get all silly when […]

Hot Lips: Prep Before You Pucker!!

For the most kissable lips, we need them to be soft and sexy, but that’s not always easy to achieve when heating and air-conditioning dries them out. To help you pucker prettily, our guest blogger Laura from has road-tested some of the most popular lip products on the market.   Think lips. Think perhaps […]

Lippy: Why Is Kate Noonan Getting Steamed Up? Hint – It’s Not Over THAT Book!

   THE GINGER ONE Girls Aloud with their range of eyelashes…. Nicola……..She’s my favourite member of Girls Aloud, but for some reason she never gets as much attention as the other girls. I really admire her look and style. Her beautiful heart-shaped face, pale skin and natural hair. Not unlike Lily Cole who is still […]

Lippy: Why Did Beauty Expert Kate Noonan Feel Fleeced?

She’s an award-winning make up artist based in Cork, and she has plenty of news, opinions and advice to share on the intriguing and often baffling world of beauty. This week Kate discusses the annoyance of cotton make up removal pads that disintegrate on your face, the exciting developments at Sobe Brown hair salon, and […]

Lippy: Kate Noonan Talks Trout Pouts, BB Creams & 500 Shades of Grey!!

She’s an award-winning make up artist based in Cork, and she has plenty of news, opinions and advice to share on the intriguing and often baffling world of beauty. This week Kate discusses 50 (500) Shades of Grey, oo-er, trout pouts and BB creams, the hottest new development in the world of beauty.     […]

What the Fliuch? Face-Saving Waterproof Make Up

  Normally we turn to waterproof make up with visions of sandy beaches and sparkling blue seas in mind. However, our summer has been a wash-out so far, so RSVP called for help from this week’s guest blogger Karen Constantine of to help us to save our faces from being ruined by our peskily unco-operative weather.   […]