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Lippy – Introducing Award-Winning Kate Noonan’s Beauty Blog

Introducing our brand-new beauty blogger Kate Noonan, an award-winning make up artist based in Cork, who has plenty of news, opinions and advice to share on the intriguing and often baffling world of beauty. This week Kate discusses faking it until you make it, and how to rock the oversized bun look!

The Wrong Kind of Dimples

Orange peel skin, mattress skin, dimpled skin – it all screams cellulite and even hot celebrities like Beyoncé  aren’t immune from the curse of the the dreaded cellulite. It is so commonplace that it leaves over 90 per cent of women whingeing in front of the mirror about their lumpy bits, and reaching for those bum-and-thigh-saving shapewear […]

Skin SOS

  We’d all love to have perfect, glowing skin, but it has a terrible habit of not co-operating with us. Stress, diet, ageing and environmental factors can play havoc with our faces, and even our celebs are not immune to the curse of the dreaded zit, but luckily for the rest of us mere mortals, we don’t have […]

Body Polishing Treatments

We at RSVP love how great our skin looks after indulgining in body polishing treatments. Here we present three of the best around! The Buff Day Spa Take a break from the buzz of Dublin city and indulge yourself at The Buff Day Spa. The Dermalogica Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy treatment provides all-over body exfoliation using […]

Beauty And The Fridge

We don’t know about you, but we at RSVP are beauty junkies. We have drawers, baskets and bathroom shelves brimming with countless beauty products. They all promise the same thing – smooth, flawless, clear, line-free skin and luscious, bouncy, shiny hair.  However, are you aware that most of us have a host of beauty products in our fridge, […]

Facial Peels

  Skin in need of a dramatic overhaul? If the weather, heating, hormones and all the rest of it are playing havoc with your skin, maybe it’s time for a facial peel. RSVP presents three of the best around. Jet Peel The newest revolutionary skin treatment to hit Therapie clinics across the nation is the […]

Spot the Difference

It always seems to be the case that spots, blemishes and imperfections rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times. But fear not, because help is at hand! Eliminate spot stress with our pick of the best blemish busters. It’s a kind of magic! If you like the sound of having skin like Eva […]

The Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

We’re always looking for the next best lotion and potion that will give us better skin, whiter teeth and shinier hair, and we are often willing to pay big chunks of our hard-earned cash to achieve such things. However, it has come to the attention of RSVP that some of the best and most effective […]