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Operation Transformation: Deirdre Hosford’s success revisited

Two weeks after giving birth to her second son, Deirdre decided she needed to shed the weight that had been affecting her confidence since her early 20s. At 14 stone 6Ibs, the Cork native was ready for change so she applied to become a leader on the Operation Transformation. But perhaps her greatest achievement is […]

PEEK INSIDE THE FRIDGE with Brenda Donohue

This month, RTÉ Radio 1 presenter BRENDA DONOHUE gives us a sneak peek into her refrigerator and tells us about her average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime… Weight: 11st 13ibs (down from 13.3) Dress size: 12/14 Height: 5ft1in BREAKFAST: Soft boiled egg, slice of brown bread with butter (probably too much!) and a cup of coffee. 11AM: […]


This month, TV star ALAN HUGHES gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime… Weight: 11 Stone Dress size: Waist 32inches Height: 5’10 BREAKFAST: 7:30am: Brown bread with turkey or a banana and a cup of tea. I drink a lot of tea. LUNCH: 2pm: I […]

This Is What A Bikini Model REALLY Eats In A Day

Ever wondered what bikini models eat to keep their bodies looking trim and photo-ready? 21-year-old model Sjana Earp has revealed in a video on her blog exactly what food she has in her daily diet. With 1.2 million Instagram followers, the model said she is regularly asked about what she eats, and decided to give fans […]

Mr Ireland Darren King Talks About His Daily Diet And Exercise Regime

Stats Height – 6 foot 2 inches Weight – 13 stone Neck Size – 15.5 inches Chest size – 38 inches Waist – 31 inches Clothes Size – Large mostly, sometimes medium Daily Food Diary 7am – 6 egg whites and 1 yoke, handful of almonds and a cup of green tea 10am – 1 […]

James Patrice Gives Us A Peek Inside His Fridge And Shares His Daily Diet With Us

Food Diary: Breakfast: Poached eggs x 2, half of an avocado, 1 slimbo/slimster Lunch: 2 turkey burgers, Spinach, peppers, tomato, brown rice (That’s on a good day – a lunch out with the gals could end up being something a bit more calorie-laden!) very fond of scones!  Dinner: Stir fried mince and veg, brown rice on […]

Cork fishmonger Pat O’Connell Gives Us A Peek Inside His Fridge

This month, Cork fishmonger Pat O’Connell gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.   FOOD DIARY: Breakfast Cornflakes or porridge, depending on the time of year, and a cup of tea. Mid morning Latte and a fruit scone. Lunch Soup and a […]

Peek inside the Fridge: Peter O’Riordan

This month, Xposé presenter Peter O’Riordan gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime. BREAKFAST Coffee, maybe two cups. LUNCH Soup, depending what is in the canteen, but nearly always soup. DINNER A form of meat with veg and rice or potato or […]

Addicted to Sugar? Break the Habit with Rosanna Davison

Experts believe that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine because it stimulates the reward centre of our brain to release dopamine, which makes us want to experience that feeling more and more, encouraging a vicious cycle. Refined sugar is found in almost all packaged and processed foods, even savoury ones like bread, soup and […]


Alexandra Burke has shown off INCREDIBLE weight loss

Alexandra Burke has shown off INCREDIBLE weight loss as she revealed she lost a whopping 18lbs. The former X Factor winner has dropped three sizes after realising that her weight was fluctuating when she struggled to fit into her stage costumes. “The final straw was when the show seamstress made out that it was my […]


Actor Patrick Fitzpatrick (Zumo Bishop) Shares His Daily Diet With Us

Breakfast- Four scrambled eggs, two slices of turkey with cherry tomatoes Or porridge with banana and a cup of tea.  Lunch- mixed salads with chicken and boiled eggs. Can of Diet Coke  Snacks– A handful of biscuits and tea with the possibility of a chocolate bar or two. I have a very bad sweet tooth so […]


Brooklyn Beckham has SHOCKED fans with this drastic body transformation!

Brooklyn Beckham has shocked fans with this drastic body transformation- we cannot believe this is actually him. The eldest child of former Manchester United star, David Beckham and Spice Girl turned fashion designer, Victoria Beckham took to social media to share the amazing results of time well spent in the gym. The 17 year old […]


Holly Hagan has shown off her weight loss

Holly Hagan has shown off her weight loss in an incredible picture showing off her before and after body. The Geordie Shore favourite has released a book detailing how she has maintained her three stone transformation after going from a size 16 to a size 8. “It’s crazy looking back at how far I’ve come,” […]


Megan McKenna Has Revealed the Weird Secret Behind Her Incredible Bikini Body

Megan McKenna rose to fame on MTV reality show ‘Ex On The Beach,’ so of course her bikini body was always going to be incredible. The secret behind how she keeps in such amazing shape is finally out, and we must say, it’s probably the strangest diet tip we’ve ever heard. The Celebrity Big Brother […]


Kathryn Thomas Reveals the Secret Behind Her Incredible Bikini Body

Kathryn Thomas has revealed exactly how she stays in such amazing shape. The Operation Transformation presenter opened up about the diet and fitness secrets behind her enviable bikini body. Kathryn Thomas in tears on Operation Transformation  Speaking to RSVP Online, Kathryn insisted that she she isn’t the fitness guru that she has been made out […]


Rick Snowdon Reveals Weight Loss

The Voice star, Rick Snowdon, has revealed the results of his incredible 13 stone weight loss. The BBC said his incredible transformation has brought him a lot of new attention but he never expected become a hunky heartthrob. “I didn’t expect that, I’m not complaining “You still kind of like – that was me for […]


Stats Height 5 ft 2 inches Weight 11 stone Clothes size 12   Breakfast Museli, natural yoghurt and bagel with Yo Chi tea Mid morning snack, Muller rice strawberry pot Lunch Green cold pressed juice with celery, kale, cucumber and apple Mid afternoon snack Oats and honey natural bar Dinner. Baby boils, broccoli and burger Evening treat Cup of tea and […]

Lauren Goodger Shows off Weight Loss Transformation

Lauren Goodger has shown off the incredible results of her massive weight loss. The TV star has lost a huge four stone due to a new workout regime. The Only Way is Essex favourite took to social media to reveal that “booty pop moves” are the secret behind her fabulous transformation. “Loving the booty pop […]