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Peek Inside Amanda Brunker’s Fridge

This month, Amanda Brunker gives us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime Body Stats: Height: 5’7” Weight: (Two stone over my ideal weight, I feel!) Clothes size: 14 jeans Food diary BREAKFAST: Breakfast is a fresh juice made in my Nutribullet with all […]

Michael Doyle Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into His Fridge And Exercise Regime

This month, Creative Director of Peter Mark, MICHAEL DOYLE, gives us a sneak peek into his fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime. Body Stats Height – 5.7 Weight – 12 stone Size – 30/30 Food Diary Breakfast Brown bagel with bacon and a cup of tea. Lunch I […]

RSVP FOOD: Derval O’Rourke “Food fit for an Athlete”

Irish athlete Derval O’Rourke has created some amazing recipes to enhance your everyday eating habits with her brand new cookbook, Food for the Fast Lane. After a devastating finish at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Derval realised that she had to do something to become the best in the world. She understands that diet and nutrition are connected to everything else […]

Body Beautiful With Holly Carpenter

Ever wondered what the celebs keep in their food cupboards? Model Holly Carpenter has given us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime. Body Stats Height: 5’10 Clothes size: 8 – 10 Food Diary Breakfast I always have the same breakfast every morning! Scrambled […]

Big News for Rosanna Davison

There is some pretty exciting news for model Rosanna Davison. The former Miss World is to launch her own nutrition website tomorrow called Rosanna Davison Nutrition.  The 31 one year old model made the great announcement on her Instagram account saying, “Exciting news. The countdown is on.” She also unveiled the fab new logo for the health and […]

RSVP’s Body Beautiful with Sorcha Furlong

Fair City actress Sorcha Furlong gives us a sneak peek into his fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime. Body Stats: Height: 5’9 Weight: 9 and a half stone Dress size: 8 -10   Food Diary: Breakfast: Apple Cider Vinegar, a bowl of porridge with almond milk as well […]

Body Beautiful with Gerald Kean

Celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean gives us a sneak peek into his fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.   Body Stats: Height: 6’4 Weight: 18½ stone. Food diary:   Breakfast:  Unfortunately my breakfast normally consists of two cups of coffee and two slices of toast with scrambled egg and […]

Lucy Kennedy Reveals Weight Loss Secret

TV presenter Lucy Kennedy has revealed her weight loss secret. The Seven O’Clock show presenter said “I did the Forza challenge for six weeks after Christmas, because I just felt bloated and really unhealthy after the whole Christmas party period.” Okay what is Forza? We need it explained in terms we understand… “Forza’s K2 and […]

You thought there was no more Kardashian News? Well…

You thought there could not possibly be another dose of Kardashian today and you were wrong! The new era of the Kadashian ladies have our suspicions up! Kris Jenner has divulged just enough to show us what is in store for the family in her cover of Love Magazine due out in two days! http:// […]

Rozanna Purcell’s Quinoa Pizza Is On Tonight’s Menu

Rozanna Purcell is possibly one of Ireland’s most sought after models, but the former Miss Universe is more than just a pretty face and her recent appearance on RTE’s The Restaurant proved that. She impressed both diners and critics, weel until dessert, her “Saints & Sinners” menu initially went down a storm, but not everyone […]

How Does Our Favourite TV3 Host Lucy Kennedy Stay in Shape?

Ever wondered how celebs stay in shape? TV3’s Lucy Kennedy has revealed her top tips! What are your New Year fitness goals?  I always have fitness goals on my new year resolutions list. I’d like to lose 7lbs exactly (my aim is to be 9 stone, 4lbs) and I seriously want to get toned. I’m aiming to have buns […]

Do You Want to Know Amanda Byram’s Diet?

TV personality and presenter Amanda Byram has revealed the secret behind her diet… Describe your diet? I eat primarily whole, fresh foods. I always say that organic food shouldn’t be labelled. It’s just food. It’s the prepackaged processed food that should be labelled. It’s so simple. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well […]

Do You Want to be as fit as Kathryn Thomas?

Do You Want to be as fit as Kathryn Thomas? She has given us an exclusive insight into her fitness regime! How important is fitness in your life – what role does it play? Fitness is so important, I love feeling fit. It makes me more confident as a person and I feel sexier when […]

What is the Secret to Nuala Carey’s Slim Figure?

Our favourite weather girl, Nuala Carey has revealed the simple secrets behind her slim figure!  What type of exercise do you like to do and why? I love walking, but also make a point of swimming when I can and running too. It’s important to use different muscles in your body, so I try to […]

Rosanna Davison: “I would raise my child as a vegan”

Rosanna Davison will always be known as a former Miss World, and rightly so, an accolade that few can claim. She is a model at the top of her field, who recently followed in the footsteps of the iconic Marilyn Monroe and graced the cover of Playboy Magazine, something she would consider doing again. But the 31-year-old stunner […]

Lucy Kennedy gives us a look inside her fridge, daily diet and workout regime

Height: 5.5 Weight: 9 stone 9lbs (Fighting Weight: 9.6lbs) Always chasing 3-4lbs!! Clothes size 10   Average day: Breakfast: Bowl of ‘Just right’ cereal. 1 cup of tea. 2 cups of coffee. (Milk and 2 sweeteners per cup) Lunch: A tomato wrap with pesto chicken, mayo, grated cheese, coleslaw and lettuce. Popcorn. Pepsi max. Dinner: […]

“The Notorious” Conor McGregor set for US Stardom

Conor McGregor’s RTE2 documentary is set to land on US shores in January! Ireland’s Ultimate Fighter and mixed martial artist, is number five in the official UFC Featherweight rankings. His personality, talent and self-belief is highlighted in a widely acclaimed documentary, entitled “The Notorious”, directed by the talented Patrick Timmons Ward. McGregor’s  upcoming UFC Fight […]

Blog:Have you got a ‘muffin top’?

If you’ve a tendency to store fat around the middle then you need to read this! So what’s the deal with apple shapes? Safefood had us all measuring our waist circumference back in 2011 with their “Stop the Spread” campaign but they never fully explained why it makes a difference where we store our fat. […]

“I loved being naked!” – Rosanna Davison Talks Body Confidence and Playboy

Model, Miss World and qualified nutritionist, you would be forgiven for thinking Rosanna Davison had enough body confidence to last a lifetime. But in a new feature with the Sunday Independent’s LIFE magazine, the newlywed explains that being a woman as well as the cut-throat modelling world can shatter even the most confident person’s self-esteem. […]