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BLOG: Delicious Smoothie Ingredients That Will Fill You Up and Not Out

Last week I wrote about the many health benefits of smoothies. Unfortunately I’m not referring to the kind that uses 7 different kinds of fruit and tastes like liquid skittles! This doesn’t mean that you have to resort to drinking smoothies that taste like grass or seaweed – they can be healthy and tasty. Including […]

Are You Lacking in Vitamin D? Are you D-ficient?

Are you D-ficient? Despite its name vitamin D is not actually a vitamin. It’s a fat soluble hormone that the body is able to produce when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight. It is almost impossible to get sufficient levels through diet alone.   Health benefits of vitamin D: – Boosts immune function – […]

The truth about your average Christmas!

The truth is truly on the table with these surprising Christmas foodie facts! It is very easy to get carried away with a multitude of delicious food and drink on offer during the festive season but let’s take stock of the figures… You may be surprised with this info from Weight Watchers. Two medium glasses […]

Clever Ways to Burn Calories over Christmas

We all put on a little weight over the Festive period as we consume a massive 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. Here are some fun and innovative ways of burning off some of the those unwanted calories over Xmas. Ice-skating, shopping and dancing, what could be simpler? An Hour of Ice Skating- Find your […]

Calories, Why you shouldn’t count them And What Is Real Fitness

  For thousands of years the human race hunted and gathered their food. As we evolved, we became more sophisticated and made huge technological advances in farming and growing food. Growing and farming our own food allowed us to develop as a society as we no longer spent all of our time hunting and gathering. […]

Surviving the Christmas Weight Gain with “Weight Watchers”

It is the season of party after party, a constant flow of alcohol and bottomless tins of sweets and other treats. Without proper planning and preparation, the Christmas season can quickly turn your healthy resolve into a ‘feck it, I’ll start in January’ attitude. Fear not though, Weight Watchers are here to help with these amazing tips… All your questions […]

My Weight Loss Journey: Christine O’Toole

For ten years before joining her local Weight Watchers group, Christine O’Toole had been sitting comfortably at a size 16. While she admits her size did bother her at times, it never bothered her enough to actually do something about it. After losing her mum in 2012, it wasn’t long before a heartbroken Christine turned […]

Surviving Halloween on a diet

Never mind Christmas, Halloween is the holiday that is up first and the thoughts of all those chocolates and sweet treats is enough to give us all a shiver down the spine! But, as always, we have the answer to your Halloween worries with our three top tips to surviving Halloween on a diet – […]

Bacon and sausages are just as bad for you as asbestos and cigarettes

The World Health Organisation  has classified processed meats as ‘carcinogenic to humans’. Red meat, such as bacon and sausages, have been given the highest of five possible rankings, placing them alongside alcohol, asbestos and cigarettes. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has warned for several years that there is ‘strong evidence’ that consuming a lot of […]

Three ways your life could change with Weight Watchers

Having been a comfortable size 16 for about 10 years, it wasn’t until Christine O’Toole lost her mum in 2012 that her weight really rocketed. Heartbroken, Christine turned to food for comfort and it wasn’t long before she found herself at a size 22. Today, Christine is 11 stone 9 lbs having successfully lost 5 stone […]

13 Unusual but Simple Ways of Burning Calories

  Simple but they work….. 13 Unusual but Simple Ways of Burning Calories Kissing A long passionate kissing session will burn off more calories than you imagine. Experts say that you will burn between 1.5 and 2 calories per minute while you are kissing someone, so find someone hot and shift on.   Writing An average […]

Motivation Monday: Tips on getting the most out of your week!

Feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated after an over-indulgent weekend? Here’s three tips for getting motivated this Monday thanks to Weight Watchers Ireland! When it comes to work: Get into the habit of finishing what you have started. It’s easy to become scattered when we’re trying to accomplish a task. Finish one before you start […]

Everything You Need To Know About Being A Fruitarian

Many people have never heard the term ‘fruitarianism’ before, it caused some confusion in our office. So what is fruitarianism? Fruitarianism is a diet that consists entirely or primarily on fruits and possibly nuts and seeds and without animal products. It is a subset of dietary veganism. Fruitarians are people who will only eat what […]

Train yourself to eat breakfast – tips from Weight Watchers

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. Not only does eating your brekkie help you reduce cravings for snacks but helps you avoid overeating later in the day too. There are plenty of excuses when it comes to why we often skip breakfast but […]

A Tea-licious way to lose weight permanently – and it’s 100% Irish too!

  If you’re like the thousands of other Irish women who are also trying to lose weight, are constantly falling off the wagon or are lacking the determination to even get started, then here’s something to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. Miss Fit Skinny Tea has been taking the nation by […]

Scientists discover easy new hangover cure we never even thought about

Good news for those of us who like to go out for a few quiet drinks on a Monday night that turns into seventeen cocktails, an impromptu karaoke session and waking up the next morning with a garlic-cheese-chip in your handbag and feeling like you’re dying inside. Actual scientists have figured out that if you […]

Three tips from Weight Watchers to kick start your Monday!

Over indulged a bit much this past weekend? Sometimes all we need to kick start another healthy week and the next step towards achieving that weight loss goal, is to hear some encouraging words from someone who has been there before us. Here, three Weight Watchers members share their top tips to making Weight Watchers […]

3 ways of sticking to that Weight Watchers’ weight loss plan

It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re concentrating on eating healthy and keeping fit. So this Monday morning, we have three helpful tips from Weight Watchers to help keep you on the right track towards your goal this week! 1. Exercise with a friend: It’s one way of getting you going and when […]