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Christina Aguilera On Her Weight And Her Marriage Fears

Christina Aguilera has said that she loves her new fuller figure, and says the only problem she’s ever had with her weight is being too skinny. “Actually, the challenge I’ve always had is being too thin. So I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage.” This comes after an […]

On A Diet? Check Out The Top 9 Fat Loss Factors

If it was as easy as eating healthily and exercising you’d already look and feel the way you want to look and feel, and therefore you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But it isn’t. There is more to it and you know it. In fact, there are 9 key factors that have been keeping […]

The Incredible Shrinking Man – Matthew McConaughey Sheds The Pounds.

He was one of the hunkiest actors around, but Matthew McConaughey has shown his dedication to his art by his shockingly thin appearance as he arrived on the set of his current film, The Wolf of Wall Street. The Texan was gaunt and the muscles and the chiselled good looks that made him famous were absent, […]

Are You Having A Mid-Life Crisis Before 30?

New research shows that nearly 90% of us feel under pressure to have our career, relationships and finances sorted by 30, and are hitting deep lows when we don’t. Have you reached a midlife crisis at 30? A lot of us have a mental or physical checklist of things to achieve before we turn 30. […]

Pack Away The Burkini: Nigella’s Slim And Curvy Again

  Cookery queen Nigella Lawson has debuted a new slimline figure on the set of her new show, Nigellisima, which will have her many male fans salivating – over her gastronomic delights, of course! The 52-year-old admitted that she struggles with her weight, and indeed infamously wore a burkini in the sea on holidays last year […]

Secrets Of The First Lady’s Fitness Regime

America’s First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed that she gets up at 4.30am or 5am during the school year to work out in the gym. Speaking on the US women’s website iVillage, where she is working as a guest editor this week, she explained that she and her president husband Barack work out every day. […]

Self-Sabotage: How To Quit Sabotaging And Start Succeeding

The human mind is irrational, which adds to the spice of life. But sometimes its irrationality crosses the line into perversion. We make self-destructive decisions when really we know better, and end up feeling unhappy and like a failure. We don’t consciously set out to sabotage ourselves, but we do. Afterwards, we are left with […]

Fatgirl Slim: August 2012

I have a wee bit of a confession to make. I wasn’t as dedicated to the old diet lark as I should have been this month. That’s a bit of an understatement actually – I actually fell off the wagon quite spectacularly. And in doing so, I even got on my own nerves. You see, […]

Moving On From A Broken Relationship

Many people spend a lot of time in difficult relationships wondering if they should stay or go, resulting, in what I would call, misery. There are a number of reasons that relationships breakdown. In some circumstances, one partner or spouse may be cheating, there may be pressures of a sick child or an abusive partner. The problem could be caused by addiction such as drugs, gambling […]

Spicing Up Your Sex Life: Geraldine O’Callaghan’s Top Tips

Well, well, well; aren’t we a bunch of saucy little minxes. Under the mammy outfits or work uniforms, lies your alter-ego diva in spiked heels and a vinyl corset just wanting any excuse to break free from the mundane everyday routine and head off on strange and wonderful sexual encounters. And if recent sales of […]

Feeling Stuck? How To Gain Clarity And Get Going Again.

  By Anna Aparicio: Sometimes, and for no apparent reason at all, we get stuck in life. It’s like something breaks inside the engine of our brain, keeping us from moving forward. We feel the symptoms: we can’t seem to think clearly, make decisions, or get motivated. We wrestle with apparently simple problems, understanding concepts or […]

Shockingly Gaunt and Thin: Macaulay Culkin Defends Drugs Allegations

  The National Enquirer has sensationally claimed that Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is a drug addict, has a $6,000-a-month drug habit and has only six months left to live. The US tabloid also claimed that he regularly shoots up heroin and the highly addictive painkiller oxycodone – dubbed hillbilly heroin. It also alleges that the former child […]

I’m Not Anorexic: Miley Cyrus Hits Back at Critics!

Having become embroiled in a Twitter war last year over her fuller figure, Miley Cyrus, 19, has been tweeting pictures of herself and her new toned midriff for fans to admire. Miley became upset last year when jokes and videos about her then larger figure were doing the rounds, and she took to Twitter to […]

Eat Better, Think Smarter; The Foods to Help You Improve Your Brain!

The right foods can dramatically improve your intelligence (IQ), mood and memory, and they give other amazing mental benefits to children and adults of all ages! David McDonagh, dietician, fitness trainer and creator of System 10 Weight Loss ( tells us what to eat to make us sharper and improve our mental wellness. Did you […]

5 Food Tips For Lean Legs and Happy Faces!

By Anna Aparicio Thin, but not too skinny, and not to muscly either. Slim hips, cellulite-free and toned thighs, small calves, skinny ankles… When it comes to talking about our legs, we seem to have what we want pretty clear. Jennifer Lopez’ legs, maybe? We all have different body types and are genetically predisposed to […]

Hot Tips for a Hot Beach Body!

We know… more exercise and less cake. But isn’t there anything else we can do to look and feel a little better this summer? These hot tips from Anna Aparicio will have you slipping into your bikini before you can say beach!   FAST & LOOSE From about 4am till10am, the body is in detoxification mode. […]

Insomnia, IBS, Depression, Memory Problems? Help is At Hand!

Sometimes when we look for the solution to a problem, we overlook the answer that may be right under our noses, and consuming better nutrition is often just that. Many health conditions, aches and pains, explained or unexplained that you suffer from, can be greatly improved with better basic nutrition. You might think that you […]

Use Your Intuition – With Bio-Energy Expert Michael O’Doherty

Have you ever wondered what happens in the body when you have certain feelings, hunches or what are often known as gut feelings? Well this is your intuition, something that we have suppressed since our childhood simply because our world revolves around the five senses of touch, taste, smell ,sight and hearing. However, there is a whole new world inside of us and if we can harness it, our lives could be […]

Honey, I Shrunk the Celebs!

Nowadays, there seems to be an abundance of weight-related reality programmes on television on a daily basis, with a new show popping up each time you change the channel. As a predominantly overweight society, we are frequently being warned of the dangers of obesity. From diabetes to heart problems to bone damage, there are huge […]

Better Health with Bio-Energy Expert Michael O’Doherty

KEY POINTS FOR BETTER HEALTH:   Bio-energy expert Michael O’Doherty established the Plexus Bio-Energy Clinic with Tom Griffin over 20 years ago. The therapy they promote, which has roots tracing back centuries to the Far East, works by integrating a network of powerful and effective healing techniques – all with the aim of rebalancing a […]