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Pamela Flood Speaks About Excitement Surrounding Baby Number Two

Former Off The Rails presenter Pamela Flood recently spoke to the Irish Independent’s Mothers & Babies supplement about her excitement in having a second child. The pretty blonde already has a son Harrison with boyfriend Ronan Ryan but said she wants her second child “more than anything in the world”. Pamela who is now 42, […]

Brian And Pippa Christen Baby Ollie

RTE presenter Brian Ormond and his stunning wife Pippa O’Connor christened their son Ollie yesterday. The new mother, who has gotten her amazing figure back after just four months tweeted pictures of her young family on their special day. Ollie is a regular on tweeter with his proud mothers tweeting and instagramming pictures of the […]

The Mother of All Baby Columns with Xpose’s Aisling O’Loughlin

Baby number two is on the way.  This time around, I’ve no desire to research every detail of the pregnancy.  Although has some incredible 3D videos that will blow your mind about what’s going on in there.  Like last time, I’ve been saved the woes of morning sickness but on the other side of […]

The Mother of All Baby Columns with Xpose’s Aisling O’Loughlin

BOY RACER! These are the joyous moments before the meltdown.  A new obsession has emerged that the working mum in me has perhaps rather foolishly indulged.  Baby wants control of the steering wheel.  He is consumed with gripping those fleshy little fingers around its circumference, pointing maniacally at the car on my return from work […]

Parents Really Do Have A Favourite Child

Parents may tell you they don’t have favourites when it comes to their children but according to a recent post in the New York Times, parents, especially mothers, do have a favourite kid. A British study was carried out and it showed 34 percent of mothers liked one child more than another with 28 percent […]

Spray Tans For Tots – The New Irish Craze

We’ve all seen the American reality shows documenting the parents who enter their toddlers into US beauty pageants, coating them in make-up and tan so that they look like mini adults. Although such a spectacle causes many of us to shake our heads in disbelief, it would appear that the trend is now catching on […]

The Mother of All Baby Columns with Xpose’s Aisling O’Loughlin

NEW ARRIVAL A new baby store has just opened in Powerscourt Town Centre in Dublin, filled with a delightful selection of products from Animal Wallpaper cut-outs for the nursery to bump casting kits.  You’ll also find everything on the website:  Great if you’re in search of something special. STAR BUY Having blondied up my […]

Baby Boy Boom For Ireland’s Presenters and Stars

There must be something in the water, especially in TV3, as over the last couple of months some of the glamorous ladies who frequently appear on our screens have given birth to a beautiful bunch of baby boys – we are predicting blue baby grows are not so easy to come by. We were delighted […]

The Mother of All Baby Columns with Xpose’s Aisling O’Loughlin

PROGRESS REPORT Is there anything more beautiful than watching a baby sleep?  It brings a tear to my eye every time I gaze at my little man perfectly asleep, arms wide open to the world, afraid of nothing. Getting him to that point is not as easy as it used to be.  Mr Patrick is […]

De-Stress For Success with Michael O’Doherty

With the Pre-exams behind most students they now have a better understanding of what’s ahead of them in the summer. For some this will be more of a curse than a relief and it can lead to even more stress. Huge expectations and a desire to achieve places huge stress on everyone and failure is […]

The Food Nanny

Anna Burns is supernanny for your kitchen. Her book, The Food Nanny, sets out to equip parents with the very simple tools needed to stop this current (and undeniable) trend: our kids are getting fat and it is our job as parents to change this. “At the moment, there seems to be no rules at […]

The Mother of All Baby Columns with Xpose’s Aisling O’Loughlin

BABY BLUES Baby’s got Man Flu. Spluttering wet sneezes all over my face and rubbing his snot into my cheek, His Lordship is not happy. Bacteria bombs aside, part of me is quietly pleased to be receiving so many hugs and finger squeezes at an age when he’s striking out on expeditions to explore the […]

The Mother of All Baby Columns

Where’s My Baby? As my three year old niece Aoibheann put it the other day – Patrick is no longer a baby. She’s right. He’s a little man. All toothy smiles, jibber jabber and grabbing anything that will hoist him to standing position. The baby fat is beginning to melt and he is becoming a […]