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The Best Chippers In The Sunny South East

You can’t beat a good auld chipper of a Sunday night after a night on the beer. It’s the ultimate cure, and there’s no doubt that the Sunny South East have some of the best chippers in Ireland! Uncle Sam’s, High Street Kilkenny  For Italian fast-food and takeaway, Sam’s is the place to go. As […]

Top 9 Chippers in Ireland

There’s nothing more us Irish love in the evening than a bag of chips and a battered cod…  Check out our top nine chippers in Ireland to see if your favourite made the list; 9. KC & Sons & Sons, Cork A photo posted by Karolina (@karosfera) on May 21, 2015 at 10:21am PDT 8. McDonagh’s, […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Cheesy Stuffed Chicken

This recipe contains so many ingredients that I love on their own, but when you combine them in this way, you get something exceptionally delicious, this is Clare’s Cheesy Stuffed Chicken , and it is exactly as the title suggests, Chicken stuffed with cheese. This does take a little time to prepare but it is without […]

Top Ten Chipper Hotspots in Ennis

“Salt and vinegar, Sue?”, “Yes please Paudie”- The magic words that top off your order in the chipper. Whether you are a chicken or beef lover, with the amazing choice of fast food joints in Ennis, there is something for everyone. Take a look at our top ten choices for that weekend treat. Enzo’s Parnell […]

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas from Pinterest

Tired of traditional wedding cakes and looking for something a bit different to jazz up your day? We’ve searched through Pinterest to find some of the most unique wedding cake ideas… THE BRUNCH Be playful and dip your cake in sprinkles to add a blast of colour to your wedding. THE HERO IN DISGUISE Why […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s One Pan Roast Chicken

Today I bring you a roast that you can enjoy mid week as well as the weekend because of the speed in which this cooks and the tiny amounts of washing up to deal with afterwards. This is Clare’s One Pan Roast Chicken flavored with fresh thyme, lemon and garlic. Delicious. For more recipes like this […]

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Cut Gluten From Your Diet Unless You Have To

About 1 in 133 people – about .75 percent- have celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune disease that causes damage to the small intestine when gluten is ingested. But according to reports, over 21 percent of Americans are currently making an active attempt to cut gluten from their diets, and this is steadily increasing in Ireland […]

5 Diet Mistakes Most Women Make

Being on a diet is hard enough, but when you feel like you’re getting nowhere and losing zero fat, there might just be a simple explanation. You might be making a diet mistake, and this is pretty easy to do. According to nutritionist Rob Hobson, who has previously shared his dieting tips with The Daily […]

Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecakes

This recipe uses our Eurodiet biscuits that our clients use in clinic as the cheesecake base.  These biscuits are low in sugar but high in protein and fibre. Each serving, which contains six biscuits, has only 201 Kcal and 1.6 g of sugars.     When compared to normal supermarket biscuits the difference is huge. Makes […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Seriously Tasty Teriyaki Salmon

This week Tasty Thursday recipe is one I promise if you try, you will fall in love with. It is packed full of goodness, is seriously tasty, versatile and great for leftover lunch the following day. You can swap the salmon for any other fish or meat, if you swap for meat then leave this […]


Roz Purcell swears by this simple and tasty juice to drink after a night out on the town. It’s light, it’s refreshing and it will give you that much needed kick to start your day! You can guess by it’s name that this juice will bring you back to life when you need something green […]

Clean Cuisine With The Counter Culture, Dublin

Now that we are saying goodbye to winter comfort foods and welcoming tasty, guilt-free alternatives instead,  healthy living is definitely back on the agenda. Thankfully, there have never been so many delicious and guilt free options available that will satisfy even the most discerning of foodies. One such healthy eatery that you’re sure to be […]

Tasty Thursday: Clare’s Crispy Parmesan Coated Chicken

Meals like this one really makes me love cooking at home, the smell in the home when this is cooking is like walking into a real Italian restaurant where you can smell the earthy oregano, fresh garlic and fabulous smell of melting cheeses. It is my idea of food heaven.  Clare’s Crispy Parmesan Coated Chicken […]

Aldi launch budget nutrient blender

You’ll need to be quick! Aldi have just launched our favourite product yet – a budget nutrient blender! With the success of the Nutribullet not looking to fade any time soon, it hasn’t take long for a range of lookalike products to hit the shelves. On sale from Thursday 18 February (TODAY!) for just €39.99, this […]

#TastyThursday: Chicken Pot Pie

I am craving a bit of sunshine as much as the next person but while we still have cold days, dark evening, the heating is up full blast then we must carry on and have some comfort foods and that is why today I share with you Clare’s Chicken Pot Pie’s . It ticks all my […]

Tasty Thursday: Clare’s Perfect Pancakes

With Tuesday the 9th of February being Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday it is only fitting that today’s Tasty Thursday recipe should be dedicated to this very special day. Below are three simple suggestions as to what you may make this Pancake Tuesday, all are using the thicker American Style pancakes but if you like the […]

Creme Egg Cafe set for Dublin

Cadbury Ireland have just announced that a special Crème de le Creme Egg Café is coming to Ireland! Opening on Tuesday 16th February until Saturday 20th February, the Café is set to open within Lock 6 on Canal Road, Dublin 6. In a statement they said: “The café will serve up a blend of cracking Creme Egg inspired treats, quirky entertainment plus egg-sciting special guest performers. […]

Top Foods That Burn Belly Fat

It is safe to say that we all over indulged a tad during the Christmas period and what better month to start your detox off than January. We have taken out the hard work by rounding up the best foods to eat that help burn that unwanted belly fat. Porridge- Porridge is a great filler […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Mexican Memories

These long, cold winter nights have me think a lot about the many holiday’s I have been lucky enough to go on and the wonderful foods that I have sampled along the way, this is where today Clare’s Mexican Memories recipe comes from, it is my take on a dish that I have no official name […]