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The Importance of Rinsing Your Fruit and Veg

When you’re stocking your house after the festive season, we tend to buy more fresh produce then we would normally, with so many people trying to be healthy. However no matter how harried you might be, it’s essential to ensure you don’t scrimp on the necessary food prep when it comes to your fruit and […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Classic Bolognese

The first Tasty Thursday of 2016 is Clare’s Classic Bolognese, created using a home made ragu, lean beef and wholwheat pasta. This is very tasty and has the right amount goodness v comfort for a winter family, beating the January blue’s meal. I promise that once you make your own ragu you will never buy a […]

One Simple Way That You Could Lose 500 Calories a Day

How much attention do you pay to your portion size? Do you pile on the potato at dinner time, go for an extra few chips at lunch or add that extra spoon of yoghurt in the morning time? Stop that right now, smaller portions could save you 527 calories per day. Some very clever and […]

Recipe For Healthy Fig and Date Energy Balls

We have borrowed this tasty little recipe from Derval O’ Rourke. You can eat straight away but we like to pop our in the fridge for a few hours to set and then just leave them in an airtight container and grab when you wish   Fig and Date Energy Balls They’re easy to make […]

BLOG: Delicious Smoothie Ingredients That Will Fill You Up and Not Out

Last week I wrote about the many health benefits of smoothies. Unfortunately I’m not referring to the kind that uses 7 different kinds of fruit and tastes like liquid skittles! This doesn’t mean that you have to resort to drinking smoothies that taste like grass or seaweed – they can be healthy and tasty. Including […]

Video: Foods We Should Be Eating to Help detoxify the liver

Lets face it, we all over indulged during Christmas, it is the only time of the year that chocolate is acceptable to eat at breakfast time, not to mention the mince pies, the cheese, red wine and the occasional brandy! But spare a moment to think about your poor body and how our over indulgence […]

#CalsoCooks: Indulgent Oreo chocolate cake

Makes two 8” sandwich tins (20cm) or one 8×3 inch round cake tin.   Ingredients 225g softened unsalted butter 225g caster sugar 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (optional) 4 eggs 190g self-raising flour 35g cocoa powder Pinch of salt A little milk if required at room temperature For the ganache 225g dark chocolate 284ml double cream […]

Top Five: Brunch in Dublin

San Lorenzo’s South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2 You may have seen the tag #brunchofchampions on Twitter thanks to San Lorenzo’s incredible brunch menu. If Coco Pops french toast isn’t really your thing, why not try the brunch tacos or pulled ham hock potato cakes. Delicious! A photo posted by San Lorenzos (@sanlorenzos) on Oct 11, 2015 […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Christmas Leftover’s

In my opinion there is only one meal better that the Christmas Dinner and that is leftovers on Boxing day. It is a far more relaxed affair, all the slaving away in the kitchen is but a distant memory and the kiddies have hopefully left you sleep a little Christmas night :-).  With so many […]

#CalsoCooks: Two ingredient banana ice cream

If you want to make the handiest, healthiest and most kid-friendly ice-cream ever, this is for you! This is also a great way to use up bananas that are going off. Just peel them, pop them into a freezer bag and bung into the freezer until needed. 222 calories per portion or see below for […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Silky Smooth Lemon Possets

This weekend was like the calm before the Christmas party storm, so what better way to spend it that creating new recipes for my Clare with the Hair, Tasty Thursday recipe readers. I am beginning with the end today, the end as in the dessert and for many this is often the down fall when you […]

This is what your drink order says about you!

Are you cocktail gal or a craft beer kinda guy? Well believe it or not, your go-too bar order says a lot more about you than you think… Vodka Tonic Ordering a vodka and tonic says you’re unfussy. You’re also possibly watching calories while trying to get a bit of a buzz on. If you’re adding […]

Tasty Thursday: Clare’s Perfect Roast Turkey with all the trimmings

I am a big fan of Christmas for many reasons but one of my favourite times over the Christmas holiday’s is when we all sit down for the Christmas dinner and the hero on the table is the Turkey and today I bring you Clare’s Perfect Roast Turkey with all the trimmings , It is perfect […]

Five Of The Best Christmas Markets To Visit In Ireland 2015

There’s nothing quite as nice as having a wander through a Christmas market to get you into the festive spirit. And we’ve sussed out the best markets to visit on our fabulous Emerald Isle this festive season.   Galway- The Galway Christmas market is now in its sixth year and is only getting bigger and […]

Seven reasons to eat more blueberries

Tasty and convenient, blueberries are often labelled a “superfood” thanks to being low in calories and good for your health. 1. Low in calories Blueberries contain about 85% water, meaning an entire cup contains only 84 calories. We’re sold! 2. Fight against cancer According to a study from the University of Illinois, anthocyanins present in blueberries may help attack cancer-causing […]

#CalsoCooks: Spaghetti with Avocado and Basil Sauce

This meal is so quick, tasty and very good for you. I use whole-wheat organic spaghetti here; you could also use gluten free spaghetti here too. I know the calorie count may seen slightly high but it is from the good fats in the avocado and olive oil. Once a week is more than fine […]

#CalsoCooks: Beef and Guinness Pie

How ‘diddly-dee’ Irish I know… but if it’s good, it’s good. There is a deep richness in flavour that comes from the Guinness and enriches everything else without overpowering it. Ingredients (Serves 4) 500g steak pieces 2 heaped tablespoons plain flour Sea salt Black pepper 1 large onion 2 carrots 2 parsnips 3 sticks celery […]

#TastyThursday: Clare’s Cheesy Christmas Tartlets

Another day another Christmas Food post and with only a few weeks to go we should really get out foodie skates on. Last week on Clare with the hair we begun our Christmas countdown with my no cheese lemon cheese cake and you guys loved it, I had 100’s of emails with questions, pictures, ideas […]

Brioche bread and butter pudding

As the nights draw in, a warming winter pudding is all you need to stay contented this season. Tony Beales, Managing Director of Beales Gourmet and The Italian Villa, shares one of his wintery wonders… Ingredients (Serves 8) 1 brioche loaf, sliced 500ml of milk 1 orange, zested 1 dash of vanilla extract (or fresh pods) 50g […]

Food Fashion with Paul Costelloe

We are a nation of food lovers and we are proud of it! From Irish stew, bacon, cab­bage and coddle, Irish mammies have pro­vided us with nourishing and wholesome meals for generations. Amid a vast societal shift filled with food trends and allergy testing, our eating habits have changed dramatically as a result. We caught […]