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Megan McKenna Has Revealed the Weird Secret Behind Her Incredible Bikini Body

via Instagram

via Instagram

Megan McKenna rose to fame on MTV reality show ‘Ex On The Beach,’ so of course her bikini body was always going to be incredible.

The secret behind how she keeps in such amazing shape is finally out, and we must say, it’s probably the strangest diet tip we’ve ever heard.

via Instagram

via Instagram

The Celebrity Big Brother star is actually a huge McDonalds fan.

Megan’s Snapchat followers will see her regularly visit the fast food joint after a night out to order her favourite double cheese burger with extra pickles.

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Megan has an extra secret however, that helps her to cut calories in her favourite McDonalds meal.

The 23-year-old never eats the buns!

She instead orders a knife and fork to go along with her cheesy meal.

Sound insane?

Lets be honest, it wouldn’t be Megan McKenna if it didn’t…

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