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Love dogs? Love blogs? Then you really should check out these 5 blogs we have gone and found, just for you! These blogs cover everything from nutritional information for your pooch, to tips on how to keep them fit and happy, and everything inbetween.   1. Puppy Leaks Puppy Leaks is a blog where dog […]

Husky puppy talks like a baby!

This is quite possibly the cutest thing that we have EVER seen. This husky puppy is so eager to explain something to its owner that it literally starts to talk! Looking at another dog in the room, the puppy begins its high-pitched yapping sounds like a baby. It looks at its owner and ‘talks’ more while […]

Puppy Found Alone in Car Almost Overdosed on Heroin

  Lucky was sick and in distress when police officers found him. They’d been called to arrest two men who were switching price tags at a store in Texas, and when they arrived at the scene, they also went over to check the suspects’ car. That’s where they discovered heroin — and a tiny puppy, […]

SHOCKING STATISTICS: Over 17,000 animal cruelty cases reported in just ONE year

Shocking numbers have been released showing that over 17,000 animal cruety cases were reported in just one year alone. Within that number, 38 prosecutions are currently being pursued by the Department of Agriculture. Last year, over 1,100 reports of animal cruelty cases were recieved by the Department of Agriculture, which runs a dedicated helpline. A […]

Dog Owners Can Take Paid Puppy Leave at This Company

  This company is offering paid ‘puppy leave’ for new dog owners Owning a new dog is very much like being a full-time parent. It’s not just puppies who can be a handful – resettling rescue dogs and older animals can be time-consuming and stressful too. Which is why one company is giving new dog owners […]

Watch: Jack Russell loses the run of himself in Crufts – and it’s GAS!

This made our Monday a lot brighter! The world’s largest dog show took place over the weekend and dog lovers were completely glued to it. Olly the Jack Russell made up for his lack of skill in the Agility section of Crufts with buckets of enthusiasm, and its guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The […]

Ireland’s Next Top Madra Visits Dog Friendly Cafe ‘Pupp’

http:// When we heard about ‘Pupp’, the dog friendly cafe, we were immediately excited. A combination of two of our most favourite things – dogs and brunch – what more could you want? We got our staff dog Pedro ready, and headed off to Clanbrassil Street. For the sake of people eating, there are a […]

Foods your dog can and cannot eat

Knowing what you can and can’t feed your dog can be tricky. So we’ve put together a list of things your dog can eat, should eat rarely, and should never eat. Things your dog can eat: Peanut butter Bananas Pears Carrots Meat & fish Rice Lettuce Things your dog should eat in moderation: Apples Potatoes […]

The DSPCA are urgently looking for a foster home for this little guy

Taking to their Facebook page the DSPCA have put out an appeal to find a foster home for this poor little guy. In their post they have said; “Dobby is searching for a loving foster home.” “He arrived as a young puppy, found straying on the road. He needed urgent surgery on his injured leg. […]

Is your dog Obese?

Chubby dogs can seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems for your poor dog. Many dogs become over weight due to over feeding or an unbalanced diet. Obesity can make dogs less willing to be active and playful, which not only increases the chances of them becoming more overweight but also deprives them of […]

Why you should never kiss your dog

A recent article by New York Times has revealed the reasons why, other than gross dog breath obviously, you should never, ever, kiss you dog. While many dog lovers can be guilty of getting very close to their dogs, close enough so that their dog can lick their face, they’re being warned not to do this! […]

This girl tried to bring her dog into an Irish nightclub on New Years Eve

There’s loving your dog, and then there’s loving your dog so much you want to head out on the town together, and apparently this girl tried exactly that. This girl was pictured on Facebook seemingly trying to convince security at a nightclub to let her dog in to the club with her. The girl seems to […]

This photo of a dog posing in front of the Hachiko Statue has gone viral

This photo of an adorable dog has gone viral after it posed for its owner in front of the Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo. According to Net Shark it was Twitter user, Pita Ochave who shared the picture which has since gone viral. “THIS LIL CUTIE WAS POSING FOR HIS OWNER IN FRONT OF THE HACHIKO STATUE […]

Father asks for advice after his dog bites his daughter

A father has written into Red FM in Cork to ask for advice about what to do with his dog who bit his daughter. In his message the man says that his 10 year old daughter was bitten by his collie dog, but that he doesn’t want to put him down. His daughter was left with 8 stitches […]