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Stray dog rescued after two years on the run

A stray dog which has avoided capture for two years has been rescued after being hit by a car. The animal has successfully evaded council dog wardens in Whitland, Carmarthenshire, West Wales, since its owner died. The dog was caught by RSPCA staff and officers from Dyfed-Powys Police after it was involved in a road […]

Puuuurrrrrfect Valentine’s Day Thoughtful Gifts for animal lovers!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the ISPCA have the puuurrrrfect Valentine’s Day Thoughtful Gift ideas for the animal lover in your life.     Your gift will feed a dog or puppy, cat or kitten for a whole month, and they make truly lovely gift ideas for your loved one this Valentines Day. […]

Watch the ISPCA give this dog an amazing make-over

The ISPCA shared a video of them giving this dog an amazing make-over and you have to watch it! The dog, a Pomeranian, had long matted hair which was causing it discomfort, and so the ISPCA decided to give him a trim. The dog, Edward, was rescued alongside many other dogs who were not being […]

Christiano Ronaldo helps save 80 dogs with his donation

Christiano Ronaldo donated a signed shirt to a kennel in Portugal helping to save 80 dogs. The donated shirt was auctioned off by the kennel, Cantinho da Lili, which is in his hometown in Portugal. According to The Mirror, the shelter was facing an uncertain future due to high costs, so one of the volunteers reached […]

Make These Inexpensive, Two-Ingredient Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats aren’t hard to whip up and give you a tasty alternative to store-bought ones, which can get expensive. Try these frozen treats that you can store longer—all you need are apples, greek yogurt, and a blender! Grab two apples, a cup of greek yogurt, a blender, and an ice cube tray. Core and de-seed […]

Hero dog saves life of freezing owner who broke his neck in fall

  A dog has been hailed as a hero for helping to save the life of a man who slipped in the snow and broke his neck. The man, only known as Bob, went outside his Michigan home to get a log for the fire on New Year’s Eve when he slipped and broke his […]

This dog had the best reaction to Facetiming his family

Edison Fontanilla, 20, form California shared pictures of his 1-year-old Samoyed puppy Kygo’s reaction to Facetiming his family, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day. Fontanilla and his family went on holidays, leaving the pup with Fontanilla’s older sister. “He [had not] seen us for about three weeks and [it was] the longest […]

Things you know to be true if you own a dog

Here are the things you know to be true if you own a dog; 1). You’ll never eat another meal in piece. If you want to eat a meal in piece you’ll have to make sure your dog is in a different room, where they cannot see you. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with them […]

Security camera footage shows this mans amazing act towards a stray dog

Security camera footage shows this mans amazing act towards this stray dog and its so touching. After there had been a theft, a resident from Giresun, in Tirkey was looking at their CCTV footage when they noticed something incredible. The footage showed a stray dog shivering in the cold snow. The resident then noticed a […]

This dog that loves to wander has gone viral

A Kentucky dog, who loves to wander, has gone viral after a man shared a photo of his dog tag. The dog, who’s owners say loves to wander, was found at  a petrol station by Tyler Wilson. Wilson was initially concerned about the dogs well being, thinking he was lost, however, then he read his […]

Some of our favourite Irish celebrities dogs

From Laura Whitmore to Una Healy, there’s one thing all these Irish celebrities on this list have in common; they all are proud owners of adorable little pooches. Laura Whitmore: Bring your dog to work day #mickspics A photo posted by thewhitmore (@thewhitmore) on Dec 8, 2016 at 4:21am PST Laura Whitmore regularly shares pictures […]

Recycle your used ink cartridges for free and help the ISPCA at the same time

Recycle your used cartridges, ink jets, drums and toners for free and help the ISPCA at the same time. The ISPCA has partnered with Infotone, who will collect your ink jets, toners and drums for free. Recyclable cartridges can be worth up to €2.00 each which will be donated to the ISPCA helping them to continue to rescue, rehabilitate […]

Two Neglected Dogs Become Inseparable Best Friends After Being Rescued

Animal control officers in Gwinnett County, Georgia responded to a call of a loose dog running along a street in the city of Buford. The officers took the pup in, but during their investigation, they also found another dog tethered to a tree. The tether was only three feet long and wouldn’t allow the dog to […]

What do you need when getting a new dog?

What are the essentials you need when getting  new dog? Look no further, cause we’ve got a handy guide to preparing for a new puppy in the family. People often get puppies without realising just exactly what they need. While it’s not an exhaustive list, and some of the items aren’t completely essential, having these will […]

This dog and his friend, a blind lamb, have gone viral for an amazing reason

This Jack Russell Tino and his friend, Bowie the lamb, have gone viral for the sweetest reason. According to Jack Russell’s owners, who foster animals for Last Hope Charity, said that Tino and Bowie became best friends. The lamb who was rejected by its mother was taken in by the couple who tube-fed it every four […]

What you should feed your new puppy

What should you be feeding your new puppy? To ensure your puppy doesn’t get an upset stomach you should make sure you know what it has been previously fed prior to you adopting it. If your puppy hasn’t been fed a premium brand dog food, then pet essentials recommend that you slowly get them onto […]

Meet The Famous Five: The Pooches Almost Butchered For Pleasure

You probably know the cruel facts by now… That in countries like South Korea furry little pooches are gobbled on a regular basis for dinner.   It’s horrible to think that many of our furry loved one’s are not only eaten daily in these countries, but are also severely bullied and beaten beforehand. But thankfully […]

Eight Small Puppies ‘Riddled’ With Worms Left To Die In Box in Cork

Eight Small Puppies ‘Riddled’ With Worms Left To Die In Box in Cork Eight, small, innocent puppies were taped into a cardboard box and left to die in a field in North Cork last week. Thankfully, a walker stumbled upon the dogs, who were “riddled” with worms and covered in their own vomit and took […]

These easy steps can help to make your dog a lot happier

Follow these easy steps and you can help make your dog a lot happier! 1. Rotate their toys. We’re not suggesting you continuously buy your dog new toys, however, just like people dogs get bored easily. Rotating toys can help make them happier. When your dog gets bored of what’s out, put them away and bring […]