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Fancy a Getaway with Your Best Friend? Here’s Some 5 Star Pet Friendly Hotels

Harvey’s Point Country Hotel- Lough Eske Donegal. – Harvey’s point is a five star hotel beautifully located on the shores of Lough Eske. It has always been a pet friendly place. The original owner Jody Gysling was always seen with a couple of black labs running alongside him. This friendly hotel, now run by Jody’s […]

Is Your Dogs Barking Driving Everyone Crazy? These Top Tips Are Sure To Help

As much as we love our furry little friends, there are times when they get a tad over-excited, subsequently barking the whole neighbourhood down, and who gets in trouble for it? YOU! We all have a neighbour who claims to somehow have extremely sensitive hearing, and your little doggy isn’t making things any easier for […]

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During New Years Eve Fireworks

New Years eve might be all fun and games for us, but a lot of animals suffer with terrible anxiety from the loud bangs that the fireworks make. Some are so traumatised that they still don’t want to go out the next morning. With a bit of preparation, pet owners can reduce this stress pretty well to a […]

Stress May Give Dogs Grey Hair

Going grey due to stress is part of being human, but new research suggests we are not alone. A pioneering study of dogs found has found that our four-legged friends may be suffering exactly the same fate. A survey of more than 400 canines established that going grey around the mouth and face was not only a […]

Dog Owner Reunites With Long Lost Little Jack Russel, After THREE Years apart

We love a happy ending here at RSVP and this reunion is set to melt your hearts! Three years ago, a Cork dog owner was devastated after learning his beloved pet had been stolen. However, after three long years, Christmas has officially came early for Joby Healy, who has been reunited with his former best friend, little […]

Babies And Dogs? This Is The Cutest Combination We Have Ever Seen.

There is nothing cuter than a little baby, apart from a dog that is. So what happens when the two cutest things to grace this earth are combined? Only the most adorable and hilarious creation. This video is the cutest thing we have seen all day, and it is bound to put a smile on […]

Everything You Need For The New Puppy In Your Life

With Christmas day fast approaching we reckon all you pet lovers may be adding to your clan. Puppies have to be the ULTIMATE Christmas prezzie, so there is no doubt a lot of newborns will be getting a new home this Winter. However, it is important to know that a pet is not just for […]

Things To Consider Before Gifting Loved Ones With A Puppy This Christmas

Puppies are often gifted during Christmas time, but with the shockingly high statistics of abandoned dogs every year people need to be aware of the commitment they are embarking on when gifting a puppy. According to DogsTrust over 1,000 dogs are abandoned every year and taken into different charities, however there are even more abandoned […]

The Real Reason Why You Should Never Give Your Dog Chocolate

While you’re munching away this Christmas on your selection boxes, the thought might just cross your mind to share a treat with your furry little friend, who has been eyeing you up since you opened the wrapper. As cute as the plea in their bark might sound, and as adorable as those puppy dog eyes […]

The Most Thoughtful Gifts For The Animal Lover In Your Life

Christmas time is the season for giving, so why not treat an animal in need this year. The ISPCA thoughtful gifts are the perfect way to help animals under the care of the charity organisation. Animals are looked after at the ISPCA until they are rehomed, so they need all the love and care they need until […]

Meet The Man With 735 Dogs

Rakesh Shukla is known as the man who looks after stray dogs in India. The man, whom’s vocation is sheltering and minding homeless dogs, is said to look after over 735 of the furry little animals. According to the BBC, Rakesh lives on a three and a half acre farm in India, where he tends […]

You HAVE To See This Guilty Dog Compilation.

Dog’s are literally the cutest, but what makes them even more cute is those puppy dog eyes they give us when they know they have done something wrong. Whether they have torn apart your new pillows, or gone to the toilet in the house, they manage to get away with it when they give us […]

13 Puppies Without A Home This Christmas After Seizure In Dublin Port

On Saturday four different puppy seizures took place, resulting in 13 puppies being left without a home in the run up to Christmas. The seizures come after the DSPCA’s pleas to stop the illegal trading of puppies. The puppies were found during a joint operation with the Garda and the DSPCA. The seizure consisted of […]

Adorable Puppy Handed Into Lost Property At Dublin Airport

A tiny little puppy was handed into lost property at Dublin airport this morning and are hearts are breaking. This little fella was handed into lost property this morning, having been found in a blue plastic container near T1. Is he yours? — Dublin Airport (@DublinAirport) December 15, 2016 Sharing the picture on their […]

Why does my dog eat its own poo?

Why does my dog eat its own poo? Coprophagia prevention – how to stop your dog eating its own faeces. Coprophagia is a very common problem amongst dogs but one which causes considerable stress for owners. Historically coprophagia was blamed on dietary insufficiencies but this has been discounted in more recent times. The general consensus […]

The Perfect Gifts For Your Dog This Christmas From Equipet

#Ad Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D Belly Wrap Dog Coat Navy Red White   €30.00 Features: Very strong outer (1200 denier) Medium Warmth (220g polyfill) Diamond weave Fully Waterproof Breathe easy Taped seams Leash hole Machine washable   Scruffs Thermal Self Heating Dog Mattress €40.00 Features: Self Heating Dog Bed Reflects body heat back to your dog […]

Swimming Pools may help your chubby pooch shed pounds

People generally hit the gym to shed pounds, and it seems pooches are hitting the pools. It may seem like a strange trend, but many owners are taking their overweight dogs to special pools to help them lose their excess weight, according to The Herald. Treatment centres are appearing around Dublin specially designed to help […]

REVIEW: How Pettura Helped to Make My Dogs Healthier and Happier Pooches

As a proud dog-mom to Pedro the chihuahua and Fairy the pomeranian, I’m a hard critic when it comes to products for my pooches. That’s why RSVP set me the task of reviewing Pettura’s veterinary formulated products. I know what’s best for my pair of pups, and I’m very picky when it comes to the […]