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Meet Buster; Ireland’s Insta-Famous doggie

Meet Buster; Ireland’s Insta-Famous doggie. Buster, a rescue dog, was rescued back in 2003 when he was aound 2 or 3 years of age. Fast forward 14 years and he’s not only found a forever home, but he’s also become a small time celebrity, with over 12.5K followers on his Instagram page. Speaking to RSVP, […]

A bomb blast has rocked Bangkok

A bomb blast has rocked Bangkok, leaving at least 20 people injured. The explosion occurred at a hospital in the city. It has been confirmed that the Phramongkutklao Hospital was hit in the shocking incident. The attack comes as Thailand marks the anniversary of the inauguration of the current military regime in the city. According to […]

A young girl is fighting for her life after falling from an escalator

A young girl is fighting for her life after falling from an escalator in a busy shopping centre over the weekend. The youngster, aged 11, reportedly fell 25 feet in the horror incident. The girl suffered a severe head injury along with several broken bones at the Wheatsheaf shopping centre in Rochdale on Sunday afternoon. […]

Heatwave on the way with temperatures set to rise to 23 degrees!

Summer is on its way back! The good weather is set to return this week, with temperatures rising up to 23 degrees. This weekend may have been miserable, but we’ll be getting the shorts out again soon with the mercury set to soar for the week ahead. “There will be rain tonight and rain in […]

Police investigation launched after 15-year-old girl’s sudden death

Police in Northern Ireland are investigating the sudden death of a 15-year-old girl. It is believed that the girl died sometime between Saturday night and this morning in Portadown, Co Armagh, according to Breaking News. The girl is believed to have died in a woodland area of Corcrain according to Democratic Unionist Westminster candidate David Simpson. “To […]

This Irish veterinary nurse in Perth customises dog casts

  This Irish veterinary nurse in Perth customises dog casts to cheer up their families after surgery, and it’s so adorable. Kate Doyle, who moved from Waterford to Perth in 2011, has been working as a veterinary nurse there since her move. And she’s become famous for the most adorable reason. She customises dog casts to […]

The good weather is coming back, but not for long

The good weather is coming back, but not for long. Met Eireann has given us some positive forecast for the week, but it’s not set to last. While the good weather is not set to last the week we’re still very happy about this! It’s expected to be warm and dry from Wednesday to Friday, […]

Woman loses 9 stone and shows off the realities of such a dramatic weightloss

Woman loses 9 stone and shows off the realities of such a dramatic weightloss in these viral photos. Jordaan Kirkham, from Texas, took to Instagram to share a photo of her excess skin since the dramatic weightloss. “Guess what?! If you lose over 130lbs more than likely you’re going to have loose skin,” she wrote […]

Women look for one very unexpected thing in a male partner

Women apparently look for one thing in a male partner and it’s pretty disturbing. While many people would guess it’s money, looks, kindness, or even a sense of humour, evidence seems to point to something different. According to The Mirror, women are supposedly after is a man who resembles our brothers. What? We couldn’t be more […]

Malnourished ISPCA dog defies all odds and gives birth to seven puppies

  Dottie arrived at the ISPCA severely malnourished as well as heavily pregnant – so much so that veterinary nurses were doubtful that poor Dottie and her puppies would survive. But last Monday, she successfully gave birth by emergency C-section to seven little puppies (two boys and five girls). This is all due to the […]

Body of newborn baby found in park

An investigation is underway after the body of a newborn baby was found in a park today. The body of the baby was found in Manor Park, Aldershot, Hampshire and according to The Sun, police are now urgently trying to location the baby’s mother. Detective Superintendent Darren Rawlings told the publication: “I am extremely concerned […]

12 year old girl kidnapped by four men outside school

A 12 year old girl has managed to escape after being kidnapped by four men outside her school today. The girl was forced into a car by four men on her way home from school at Pedmore Technology College, Stourbridge. According to the Metro, she was approached by a man with a foreign accent, who […]

Revenue Officers seize three puppies from back of a van at Dublin Port

Revenue Officers at Dublin Port seized three puppies last week, after finding them in the back of a van that had just arrived to the country. The officers stopped and questioned two men and a woman who were in the vehicle. The dogs are now in the care of the DSPCA. Veterinary examinations on all […]

Irish man dies in Cambodia

An Irish man has died in Cambodia this week. The man who was in his 40s, died after collapsing at a restaurant in the capital, Phnom Penh yesterday. According to the Irish Independent, staff tried to help the man but he was pronounced dead on the scene. A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs told the publication […]

Six Year Old Boy Shot Dead After Mother’s Car Was Stolen From Supermarket

This is heartbreaking… A six-year-old boy was found dead in the back of his Mother’s car after it was stolen with him inside from outside a supermarket. According to The Irish Independent, Kingston Frazier was found dead with a single gunshot wound at the back of his Mother’s abandoned stolen car. The New York Post […]

Puppy with 700 ticks needs blood transfusion after being rescued

A puppy found near Regina in Canada is lucky to be alive after being found in the wild covered in about 700 ticks. Tic Tac, as she was named by her rescuers, was found near a reserve outside of Regina on Friday evening. The co-founder of rescue shelter CC RezQs received a frantic text from […]