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Manchester College on lockdown after gun threat

A Manchester college is on lockdown after a gun threat this morning. Tameside College in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester received threats this morning leading to staff and students being locked inside the building. Police are on the scene, and students claimed on social media they had been told to stay inside and to “stay away from windows” […]

TOWIE stars among those injured after nightclub acid attack

TOWIE stars were among those evacuated from a popular nightclub this weekend after an acid attack. The attack took place at Mangle E8, in Dalston, after an “unknown corrosive substance” was thrown in the early hours yesterday. According to the Mirror, the chemical substance was sprayed on multiple people, after a dispute broke out between […]

Shopper Finds Something Interesting In Aldi Own Brand Hula Hoop Multipack

This is hardly surprising but we still wouldn’t like to be the worker who made the mistake. An Aldi customer managed to figure out how their own brand Hula Hoops tasted exactly like the original ones and it is because they are made in the same place, with practically the same ingredients. The Sun revealed […]

Three rescued from River Boyne after boat overturned

Three young people were rescued from the River Boyne last night after their boat overturned. The Drogheda Coast Guards were called after a small boat failed to return to land, and the three youths aged 22, 24 and 25-years-old were found clinging to an upturned boat about one mile east of Mornington. According to the […]

Five People Dead After Plane Crashes Into Lidl Store In Portugal

According to The Daily Mail, a small plane has crashed beside a supermarket near Lisbon. The crash reportedly killed four people on board the aircraft and one on the ground. Four people in the supermarket also suffered minor injuries in the crash in the Portuguese capital, emergency services said. According to reports, those killed include […]

Kym Owens ‘doesn’t remember anything’ from her suspected attack

Kym Owens, the 18-year-old student who suffered broken eye sockets, a broken jaw and a broken nose in a shocking incident in November,remembers nothing from the suspected attack. Speaking to the Herald, Kym’s father Ray said that his young daughter has no clue what happened to her that night. “Kym is making a good recovery but […]

52 firefighters battle fire in Irish seaside town

52 firefighters responded to a fire on Easter Sunday in a popular Irish seaside town. Emergency services were called shortly before 9pm on Sunday, April 16, to reports of a fire in an end-terraced home on Bath Terrace, Portrush, Co Antrim, according to The Mirror. Fire crews from Portrush fire station attended the large blaze at […]

Mother and Daughter die after becoming trapped in a sauna

A mother and daughter have died after becoming trapped in a sauna. According to the Irish Independent, the mother, aged 65, and daughter, aged 45, became trapped when the door handle fell off the sauna from the inside. The pair were reportedly trapped inside for over 90 minutes. The accident occurred near the town of Jicin […]

Boy, aged 1, dies after being left in car in 27 degree heat

A boy, aged only 1 years of age, has died after being left in a car in 27 degree heat. The one year old boy died after he was left inside a car for up to five hours in Texas, U.S. Kingston Jackson died on Friday April 15 after he was found by a neighbour […]

We’re set for mild and dry weather this week

If there’s one thing the Irish like to talk about it’s the weather, whether about how nice it is, or how poxy. Luckily this week we can all beam about how nice it is as we’re set for some lovely weather following the Easter weekend- however, as usual “there’s chances of rain.” We’re set for […]

Child rushed to hospital after being struck by a car

A child was rushed to hospital after being struck by a car. The incident occurred last night. According to The Irish Independent the girl, aged 3, was rushed to hospital after being struck by a car at Ballentree Grove, Tyrellstown, Co Dublin. She was rushed to Temple Street Children’s University Hospital with minor injuries. READ MORE: […]

51 year old stabbed in Dublin last night

A 51 year old man was injured in a stabbing in Dublin last night, shortly after 10pm. The stabbing occurred at Sackville Place. Emergency services found him with what appeared to be a knife wound to his stomach, and brought him to the Mater Hospital for treatment. According to the Irish Independent, the man contacted emergency services […]

This is how much the average Irish couple argues per month

This is how much the average Irish couple argues per month, and it might surprise you. Research from the Jury’s Inn has revealed how much the average Irish couple argues per month and it will probably surprise you. According to the research almost two thirds, 61%, of Irish couples argue on a regular basis, with couples […]

Seven Year Old Boy Needed Surgery After Bullies Beat Him So Badly

A seven-year-old boy was forced to miss out on his own birthday party after he suffered horrific injuries at the hands of school bullies. Jak was shoved so hard into a metal pole at school by bullies that he was left with a bloody, swollen golf ball-sized lump on his head. Jak’s mum Laney posted […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: 5 Quick And Easy Ways To Cut Your Fuel Costs

ANN’S ADVICE – Test Drive Advice (1) RESEARCH – Do your homework – have a look at a few cars you’re interested in and do your research before going for a test drive. Know what you want from a car such as space, efficiency, etc. (2) BOOK AHEAD – Set up an appointment – call […]

Sex, sex, sex! What is it like to visit a sex show?

People have “full-on sexual intercourse” at a sex show, that is the lesson RSVP’s Mikie O’Loughlin learned on recent trip to Amsterdam. Here, he speaks about his experience at the raunchy performance, who was there and what exactly went on during the ninety minute spectacle.  Sipping my vodka and 7up through a straw and casually […]

Two people taken to hospital after van overturns and bursts into flames

Two men had a lucky escape after the van they were travelling in rolled over and exploded when a lawnmower in the back of the van caught fire on impact. The driver and passenger were rushed to Tallaght Hospital where they were treated for non- life-threatening injuries, according to The freak accident took place […]