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Man arrested after death of newborn baby

A man has been arrested after the sudden death of a newborn baby. According to the Irish Independent, the 30 year old man was arrested after the body of a newborn baby was found at a house in Wellington Court, Burnley. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police told media: “The death is currently being treated as […]


Man arrested following the death of a 16 year old girl

An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 16 year old girl he met online. The young girl teenage girl was found dead on a pathway in Rotherham, South Yorkshire in suspicious circumstances yesterday morning. According to the Mirror, the girl’s body was found on a footpath by people walking by. And […]

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Two women killed minutes after getting off bus

It’s been confirmed that the two pedestrians killed yesterday evening, were struck just minutes after stepping off a bus. According to the Irish Independent, the women, who were in their sixties, had got off a bus from Dublin and were in the process of crossing the road when they were hit by a car in […]


Mother shares warning after discovering mould in her Sophie the Giraffe

  A mother has shared a warning to other parents after discovering mould in her child’s Sophie the Giraffe toy. The popular toy is commonly used by parents for teething. However many parents have discovered that the small hole in the toy allows liquid to get in and allow mould spores to grow Dana Chianese […]

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Two pedestrians killed in accident this evening

Two pedestrians have been killed in road traffic accident this evening. According to the Sunday World, Gardai have confirmed that two pedestrians were killed in a collision on the main Dublin to Derry road. The accident happened outside the Hunterstown Inn, south of Ardee. The road has now been sealed off for examination and according […]

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Gardai investigating death of 16 year old boy in Cork today

Gardai investigating the death of a 16 year old boy in Cork today have revealed that the suspected cause of death is an overdose. The teenage boy was found unresponsive at his home in Deermount on Southside of the city this morning. According to the Irish Times, Gardai are investigating the matter as a suspected […]


Bank customers warned about phishing scam

  Bank customers are being urged not to fall for the latest phishing scam doing the rounds. A scam mail is in circulation posing as Bank of Ireland. According to Newstalk, the mail has been sent not only to Bank of Ireland customers, but also account holders in a number of other banks in the […]

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Man killed in farming accident in Kerry

A man has been killed in a farming accident in Kerry today. The man who was in his 30s was killed in the accident which took place around 11.30am today in Lisheenbawn, Farranfore. According to Breaking News, the man was taken to Tralee General Hospital with critical injuries – but was later pronounced dead. Both […]

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Teenage girl found dead in suspicious circumstances

An investigation is underway in South Yorkshire after a teenage girl was found dead in suspicious circumstances. Police have told the Mirror that the death of Leonne Weeks who was found near Rotherham is being treated as suspicious. According to the publication the girl’s body was found on a footpath by people walking by. And […]

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The body of a young boy has been found in Cork

The body of a young boy has been found at his home in Cork City today. The teenager was discovered this at around 10.30 am this morning and Gardai have launched an investigation into what happened. The boy was taken to Cork University Hospital for a post-mortem examination and the area has been sealed off […]

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A Chinese restaurant is accused of serving human feet

A Chinese restaurant is accused of serving human feet to diners and a gruesome picture has been a shared. A waiter at the eatery shared the image of two severed feet in a blue bowl on social media. “A Chinese merchant and two friends were reportedly given the human feet when they asked for the Chinese delicacy […]

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Reports of a shooting at primary school in Glasgow

Armed cops are on guard outside a primary school in Glasgow following a shooting. Police have confirmed a gun was fired near the gates of St George’s RC Primary School in Penilee just after 9am this morning. Police have said the children are not in danger, and there is a heavy police presence in the area. According to […]


Garda Detective Reportedly ‘Demanded Sexual Favours’ From Woman

Garda Detective Reportedly ‘Demanded Sexual Favours’ From Woman An Irish detective has been suspended from his job and is under investigation after being accused of demanding sexual favours from a woman. According to the Irish Independent, the woman walked into the Garda Station and asked to speak to a senior member of staff about a […]

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Family Of Tragic Road Victim Emma O’Keefe Suffer More Grief

Twenty-six-year-old mother of three, Emma O’Keefe, was killed after her car collided with a truck on Thursday on the Nobber to Kingscourt Road. Two of her three children were in the car at the time of the accident and one remains in Crumlin Hospital. Her funeral takes place today in Kilberry, Meath but in another […]

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This week will be dry as the weather improves

This week will be dry as the weather improves around the country following a series of weather warnings. Things will not be as cold as last week and there are highs of 7 to 10 degrees over the next couple of the days. Tomorrow will start will some bright or possibly short sunny breaks in […]


A woman has been killed after fatal accident in Kilkenny

A woman has been killed after being hit by a car in Kilkenny over the weekend. The tragic accident took place at Green Street, Callan, Co. Kilkenny at about 6pm yesterday evening. The woman, aged in her 50’s, was walking in the area when she was killed by an oncoming vehicle. “A female pedestrian was […]

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The most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday, is here

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, will fall on January the 16th, which is today, according to Blue But why is it the most depressing day? (well, it is a Monday) Apparently, according to the Author of the Blue Monday Formula, it is a mixture to do with our debt, our […]

Killer Ian Huntley looking for ‘sex change’ according to cell mate

Former cell mate of Ian Huntley has reported that the killer wants to undergo a sex change operation, as he thinks it’s his only way of having a ‘cushy’ life. Huntley plans to request the procedure and a move to a women’s prison in order to escape life in HMP Frankland in Durham, reports the Daily […]

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Bomb discovered in Belfast was ‘designed to kill police officers’

An explosive device, which was found in Belfast yesterday, was ‘designed to kill police’, according to Breaking News. The explosive device was found in the Brians Well Road area in west Belfast, on the side on a road, on Saturday after a tip-off that a suspicious object had been left in the area The bomb […]