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Further Devastation For The Family Of Danielle McLaughlin

Absolutely heartbreaking… Police in India are still searching for the belongings of murdered Irish woman Danielle McLaughlin. But her friends and family prepare to bring her remains back to Donegal this weekend. According to reports, Danielle’s passport and mobile have yet to be located but  police have found the tablet which she was carrying at […]

Man Who Raped 12 Year Old Girl Walks Away Free Because He Thought She Was 16

A man who raped a 12-year-old girl has walked free from court with no punishment. According to The Irish Independent, Daniel Cieslak of Leith in Edinburgh, was granted an absolute discharge by a judge in the High Court in Glasgow. According to reports, the student had sex with the girl in July 2015 after meeting […]

Husky puppy talks like a baby!

This is quite possibly the cutest thing that we have EVER seen. This husky puppy is so eager to explain something to its owner that it literally starts to talk! Looking at another dog in the room, the puppy begins its high-pitched yapping sounds like a baby. It looks at its owner and ‘talks’ more while […]

Ryanair Launch Massive St Patrick’s Day €9.99 Flash Sale!

  This is worth stepping away from the parade for – the Ryanair St Patrick’s Day Sale has landed! The airline is offering €9.99 flights from Ireland to ANYWHERE in the world. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Book yourself a Paddy’s day getaway to look forward to from €9.99 — Ryanair (@Ryanair) March 17, […]

Brave Kym Owens Shows She’s On The Mend

Kym Owens, who suffered serious head and facial injuries, has put up pictures on social media following her horrific ordeal. The 18-year-old from Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, was found unconscious near her student accommodation in Maynooth, Co Kildare on November 20 last year. Kym suffered injuries including two broken eye sockets, a fractured jaw, a broken […]

Crime Experts Claims She Knows Where Madeleine McCann Died

Another day, another Madeleine McCann theory and this time it comes from crime expert Pat Brown who says little Maddie “died in the holiday apartment”. Speaking to she said, “Madeleine is dead, “There’s no point spending all of this money as nothing they do is going to make that child be found alive.” Although […]

Several Injured After Gunman Reportedly Opened Fire In French School

This is so awful…. According to The Sun, several people have been injured in a shooting after a gunman opened fire on a school. There have been reports of up to three gunmen in the school in the southern town of Grasse in the French Riviera. It has not been revealed of how many people are […]

Bank Customers Targeted In New Text Scam

Bank Customers Targeted In New Text Scam Bank customers are being warned of a new text scam that aims at obtaining sensitive financial information, this is according to They say the hoax text has been sent to a number of Bank of Ireland customers but non-Bank of Ireland customers have also received the text. […]

Put Away The Sunglasses, Because There’s Nothing But Cloud This Weekend

Well this is a little disappointing to say the least! The minute it starts to get sunny, the minute it’s time for the beer gardens after work, the minute St. Patricks day is rapidly approaching, the sun decides to feck off for another century while we’re all wrapped up in hats and scarves in the […]

Woman abducts another couple’s baby from hospital

A Woman has been charged after abducting another couple’s baby from hospital. The incident which happened in Bangkok this week, occurred after the 34 year old woman allegedly befriended the child’s parent’s before taking five day old baby from the hospital. The woman who had suffered a miscarriage then tried to pass the child off […]

HSE issue fake alcohol warning

The HSE have this week issued a serious health warning after a man was hospitalised after drinking what he thought was vodka. The man who is seriously ill in hospital, was given vodka, which actually turned about to be methanol which was sold as vodka. According to the Irish Independent, the vodka was bought in […]

Dog Owners Can Take Paid Puppy Leave at This Company

  This company is offering paid ‘puppy leave’ for new dog owners Owning a new dog is very much like being a full-time parent. It’s not just puppies who can be a handful – resettling rescue dogs and older animals can be time-consuming and stressful too. Which is why one company is giving new dog owners […]

Signal from black box of missing helicopter detected

There has been a major development in the search for the missing Coast Guard helicopter this evening, as the signal from the black box has now been detected. According to the Irish Independent, rescue workers searching for three missing Irish Coast Guard members have detected a signal from the black box. Gerry O’Flynn,VS&T Operations Manager […]

Three killed after Avalanche in Austria ski resort

Three people have been killed, while a fourth is still missing after an avalanche struck a popular Austrian ski resort today. A ski touring group was swept away when an avalanche struck in the Tyrol region in Western Austria, today. According to the Irish Independent, the avalanche struck at around 12.30pm, and a searach is […]

Man confesses to raping and killing Irish woman in India

A man has confessed to raping and killing an Irish woman in India this week. The woman has now been named as Danielle McLaughlin, originally from Buncrana, Donegal, she left for a backpacking adventure in India just a month ago. The 28 year old had been celebrating the Holi festival in Canacona on Tuesday. However, […]

10 week old baby girl hospitalised with broken bones and head injuries

  A 10 week old baby girl was hospitalised this week with broken bones and head injuries. The baby girl from Louth, is in a critical condition after being rushed to Our Lady’s Hospital in Drogheda on Monday. According to the Irish Sun, she was later transferred to Temple Street Children’s hospital and a Garda […]