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Teen cancer survivor pleads with school to do transition year

15 year old Chloe Boyle has recently celebrated a full year being cancer-free. In 2012, the teen was diagnosed with bone cancer behind her right knee. She underwent aggressive chemotherapy, followed by a major surgery to remove the tumor and the infected bone. She had to learn to walk again. Despite missing all of second […]

Beautiful Miracle Quads Are Home In Limerick

James Slattery (33) and his wife, Grace (31) have brought their four babies back home to Limerick. The babies, three girls and one boy, were due to be born via C-Section, however, Grace went into labour naturally a week early. She gave birth to Amelia, Mollie Rose, Lily Grace and son, Lucas James. James admitted […]

What exactly does the Minister for the Environment want to take action against?

So Attack of the Birds has become a reality then? Looks like Ireland is once again being plagued by nasty villains…this time: the seagull. (Din Din Din) And according to Minister for the Environment, Ned O’Sullivan, these ‘cheeky’ birdies are reeking havoc across the city! He also said they have lost the run of themselves. […]

Study has shown weather children are a factor in infidelity

But what we want to know is, where would they find the time?! According to The New York Post, it’s the nine month itch couples should be wary of. A recent study conducted in the US showed that couples with children are more likely to stray from a relationship. The study, conducted online, found that […]

Temperatures set to rise to 25 degrees today

It’s going to be a cracking day today, according to meteorologist Joan Blackburn. Grab the suncream and make the most of today’s soaring temperatures, because unfortunately, it’s not here to last. In true Irish weather style, Met Eireann has said that temperatures will rise to around 25 degrees this afternoon, hotter than the Bahamas and […]

Six Things You May Want To Know About Sex

  A study of 83 women with migraine showed that over half experienced relief after orgasm. During a typical sex session (whatever that maybe) a man burns 100 calories and a woman burns 69 calories. People who have sex four or more times a week are perceived to be seven to twelve years younger than […]

Sarah Jessica Parker Surprises Irish Bride on Wedding Day

Sarah Jessica Parker is just so cool, she loves Ireland so much she bought a holiday home in Donegal, she brags about how fab the place is all the time and now she made one Irish bride’s day. When Marie O’Flynn chose to marry her now husband Peter at the five-star Lough Eske Castle Hotel […]

Five Interesting Facts About Monday Morning

  Most people don’t crack a smile until 11.16am on a Monday morning! A study by Marmite in England, shows that we hate Monday morning so much that we can’t bear to crack a smile until after 11am, the study also shows the top five ways we get over the Monday blues, see below The […]

Don’t Give Up On Love – Meet The UK’s Oldest Newleyweds

If you are tired of waiting for love, don’t lose heart because it’s never too late. That’s the message from  97-year-old Sid Ratcliffe and 90-year-old Iris Law, who married this week  in Wolverhampton, Britain —  making them the UK’s oldest newlywed couple. The couple, both who were widowed, met at a bus stop in 2001.  […]