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Men and Lesbians Have Way More Orgasms Than Straight Women

  A new study by a team at The Kinsey Institute, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows the order of how frequently and consistently people orgasm. Here it goes, from top to bottom, men, gay women, straight women, bisexual women. We were very surprised about men coming first, not! The survey says “Data were […]

Doctors Discover Sex Toy in Woman’s Vagina After Ten Years

This is probably one of the best stories making the rounds today. Doctors treating a woman for severe weight loss were shocked to discover she has a sex toy stuck inside her vagina – a sex toy that had been there for TEN YEARS. According to the Toronto Sun, a report from the Journal of […]

Study has shown weather children are a factor in infidelity

But what we want to know is, where would they find the time?! According to The New York Post, it’s the nine month itch couples should be wary of. A recent study conducted in the US showed that couples with children are more likely to stray from a relationship. The study, conducted online, found that […]

Survey Reveals What He Really Loves In Bed

You maybe looking to spice things up in the bedroom or maybe things are hot enough but one thing is for certain, when it comes to sex, everyone likes something different but there are a few positions that will always please himself!! Women’s Health magazine surveyed some of  the Men’s Health readers, over 800 of them, […]