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Sandra Murphy: Dating in the Digital Age

There was a time when dating was simple. Ok, maybe simple is the wrong word, it has never been simple, it was just a little easier. In the days before Internet became weaned into the fabric of our everyday lives, finding a date was a more natural process. Whether you were introduced to a potential […]


The Galway Player: “If lads weren’t trying to show off and impress women nothing would every have been achieved”

Flirting is as much a part of everyday interaction as words and body language. Some people like myself are naturals and take to it like a duck to water, others however take to it like Irish householders to the water charges. Flirting is an intrinsic part of human nature, basically without it our species would fail to exist. Evolutionary psychologist […]


Sandra Murphy: Blind Dates Myths- What Should we Know?

You may not agree, but it seems to me that blind dates are high on the list of things that everyone loves to hate. I have just one question – why? Apparently, there are a number of myths about blind dates that are ruining their reputation. Myth #1: Blind dates are silly because you can […]


Sandra Murphy: How to deal with break ups

Everyone knows breaking up is hard to do. By remaining in each other’s lives, you run the risk of a post-breakup rendezvous, holding onto feelings for your ex, and in general delaying your ability to heal and move on quickly (and without additional heartache). Create new Boundaries Your best defence after a breakup? Immediately create […]


Sandra Murphy: Are Cork Women Stuck Up?

As I am at an age where many of my friends are settled down and in long term relationships, I really thought that I was alone in my views of dating and the difficulties of dating in our current generation. Only since I’ve started writing the column have both women and a surprisingly large number […]


Khloe Kardashian has opened up about her sex life

Khloe Kardashian has opened up about her sex life and admitted she lost her virginity at a very young age! The Keeping up with the Kardashians star recalled the first time that she had sex with a boy and revealed that is was at the age of 15. “I was 15 and he was an […]


An Irish couple were pictured having Sex

***WARNING: Explicit picture ahead*** An Irish couple were pictured having sex near Albert Quay in Cork City according to a shocked onlooker. The randy pair couldn’t keep their bits to themselves as they got down and dirty beside in the River Lee yesterday afternoon. Enjoying the sunshine, the pair could be seen by a host […]


This Poor Dude met two girls for a threesome

This poor dude met two girls for a threesome and things went very wrong for him. Kyle Barber, a professional gambler from Newcastle, used the dating app Plenty of Fish to meet a woman and after she suggested a threesome with her cousin, he got a rather unpleasant surprise. “Well that was it, my life […]


8 Unusual Things Men Love About Women

1. Attire: They just love women in baggy and casual outfit, walking in style and tremendously beaming with confidence. 2. No make-up: Usually men are not attracted to heavily painted girls. They love the natural and make-up free look. They rarely pay attention to smokey eyes and dark lipsticks. So ladies do not waste precious […]


Lads With These Names Are Most Likely To Cheat

What’s in a name? A lot, apparently — including how likely someone is to cheat, allegedly. Or at least, it is according to a (dubious?) new survey commissioned by domain name registration site Sorry, Liam’s girlfriend — looks like your fella is considered to be one of the least trustworthy lads around. Read more: Coronation […]


These Are The 10 Names Of Women Who Are Most Likely To Cheat

According to a new survey from Radio Now 100.9, women with THESE names are most likely to cheat! Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Despite William Shakespeare’s claims to the otherwise, we’ve noticed that our names can be pretty defining about us as people. We’re unsure what data was used to […]


These Women’s Names Who Are Most Likely To Get Pregnant In 2016

Women aged between 28 and 29 are most likely to become first-time mothers in 2016 – and that means that if your name is on the following list, it could be you. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average age of women who give birth for the first time is 28.5, as […]


Men’s Names That Are Most Likely To Get Women Pregnant In 2016!

We all know that there are many things that can attribute to falling pregnant… but who knew your name is a serious contributing factor too? Looking back at the most popular boy’s names born between 1986 and 1987, a list has been compiled of names of men who will most likely be getting their girl […]


People From THIS County Watch The Most Amount Of Porn In Ireland

Who knew that the Yellow Belly’s were such a randy bunch…? Pornhub has released some VERY interesting data on what type of porn each county in Ireland prefers to watch, and which county watches the most porn in the whole nation of Ireland and it has to be said, the results are pretty darn shocking!! So […]


This Is How You Should Be Washing Your Lady Parts

No need to get all awkward ladies – we’re all in the same boat! So it goes a little something like this – You’re in the shower. You’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair. Your body is washed. Everything is going swimmingly and then… you look down. What are you supposed to do with your vagina? Of […]


This Is Officially The Most Embarrassing Sex Story We’ve Ever Heard

Ah here! Prepare yourself for the cringe to end all cringes lads…. This story of  immense sex horror comes from (where else?) Reddit. Specifically, the ‘Today, I F***ed Up’ subreddit. User Muricannn_way shares her story of in-car sexy-time gone so, SO wrong and In case you hadn’t already guessed, this is most definetly NSFW. ”TIFU by […]

Mother Who Gave Up Her Son To Adoption Now Plans To Have A Baby With Him

A mother who has recently been reunited with the son she gave up for adoption 30 years ago now admits that they’re in love and are trying for a baby together. According to The Irish Mirror, Kim West aged 51 has been in a relationship with her biological son Ben Ford, 32, for two years and […]

Reason’s why people have affairs

We are all aware of people in our lives who have cheated or have been cheated on but what are the reasons for cheating especially when someone appears to be in a happy relationship and your left scratching your head. We have 8 reasons that may answer this. Caroline Flack has ditched her blonde hair […]

This Is Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

Ever wondered why it is that when you lean in for a kiss, you’re meant to close your eyes? Or why it’s considered such bad form to sneakily open your eyes mid-shifting? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! Psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy published a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception […]