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Arrested for masturbating to images of Fifty Shades Star Dornan!

Fifty Shades of Grey continues to woo audiences over the world and the latest country is Mexico! Apparently, the film was just too much for one woman from Sinaloa, Mexico! The woman got very enthralled in the theme of Fifty Shades and in the darkness of the cinema took the on-screen stimulation a little bit […]

Check out who is the most Shag-able Irish player of all time

Research released by, Ireland’s top married dating site, shows that Irish women would sleep with Paul O’Connell over any other Irish rugby player. The ginger Limerick native scooped 23% of the votes from 1,000 surveyed women, beating Rob Kearney (20%), Brian O’Driscoll (17%), Tommy Bowe (15%) and Ronan O’Gara (13%). The least shag-able player […]

How to Know You’re Too Comfortable in a Relationship

Trying to remain attractive is not as important, you’ve stopped wearing make up and he sees you with your face cream…. You’re in a long term relationship!   1. You Don’t Feel the Need to Wear Make-up You’ve already impressed your other half so make-up is not an big deal anymore. Long gone are the […]

SPECIAL Valentines Horoscope with CELEBRITY Psychic Deborah R

AriesIt’s a sure thing that you aren’t lacking in the adventurous department, in fact it could be said that one can have too much of a good thing! Your imagination will probably go far beyond your realistic options for spending on Valentine’s Day. So, you could face all sorts of schedule or a location-related mess, […]

WAR: Katie Price Blasts Katie Hopkins as a BULLY!

A full blown War has broken out between the two controversial Katie’s, Katie Price and Katie Hopkins! According to the Irish Mail, Katie Price who is not commonly known for kind nature, has branded Hopkins a “bully”, “a disgusting human being” and slammed her for directing abuse at Perez Hilton when inside the Celebrity Big […]

Vogue’s Anna Wintour not impressed by Kim Kardashian offspring!

Anna Wintours FACE! How wonderful it is to have a front row seat, at New York Fashion Week, beside all the countless celebrities who are happily perched in their designer clobber, hair done, nails did, looking immaculate and then… Kim Kardashian sits down next to you with baby North screaming her lungs out! http:// Anna […]

Georgia Salpa Designer Vs. Highstreet Ensemble for datenight!

Georgia Salpa’s relaxed date night snap from lends us some style savvy inspiration for our date that’s not exactly on Valentines Day but, either side of it! Despite the fact that it’s Friday the 13th, we are sure Salpa’s instagram snap will propel you into romantic-action to paint the town red tonight! Whether you are […]

The Queen’s private parts are being made fun of on Twitter!

Thought provoking captions like “Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix”, the “Bucking-Ham Palace” are all filed under the funniest trending topic on Twitter this morning!   The list goes on and it all started with the hashtag #BritishSexPositions. http:// #BritishSexPositions For this one I will apologize in advance: Her Majesty’s secret cervix. I’ll show myself out…. @midnight […]

Kim Kardashian’s risqué style at NY Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian West is at New York Fashion Week in a lycra ensemble supporting her new designer hubby, Kanye! NYFW is kicking off to include designers like Adidas. Now Yeezy is a new breakthrough label which showcases Kanye West’s first shoe collection. Of course Kim K is sharing with us again via Instagram! He cropped […]

Valentine’s Proposal ends in a Criminal Conviction!

Romance is in the air at this time but, we are pretty sure some gestures can be misconstrued in te journey of love… New age Casanova Joseph  Andrew De Russe figured kidnapping was the ideal formula in which to declare his love for his ex-girlfriend! He did so, at gunpoint and escorted her to a […]

What a Man’s Underwear Says About Him

Are you tired of trying to figure a guy out? Trying to see if he’s looking for a relationship or if he is just after some quick sex. Is he really a mammy’s boy or does he have commitment issues? Here is a simple way to judge a man…. by his underwear.  Plain Boxers: He […]


Are you feeling the pressure this coming Valentine’s Day? Most couples feel the need to show their love and affection constantly but the expectations raise dangerously on the 14th of February. Here are some common myths about what a “relationship” is supposed to be , do you recognize any?   MYTH 1:  A New Relationship […]

The most dramatic change in Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe REVEALED!

Kim Kardashian has broken the internet on so many occasions but, this morning we were were impressed yet not with her voluptuous rear… for a change! We usually hold our fingers over our eyes when viewing Kim Kardashian’s personal pages however, we woke up to a svelte image of the beauty on her personal Instagram […]

Blog: Things you need to know about Fifty Shades of Grey

With its world wide release on Valentines Day, no one can escape the Fifty Shade of Grey phenomenon forever, believe me I have tried! The Book has sold over 100 million copies, heck, that’s up  there with the Bible and the movie trailer has had well over 250 million views already. If you have managed […]

Blog: Vaginismus – painful spasm that prevents sex

Niamh was  in love  …  but things were going badly wrong in the bedroom. Sex and  penetration became a misery.  Niamh had Vaginismus – a reflex spasming of her vagina. It made sex painful, gynae exams agony and even stopped her using tampons. You know the way you blink and startle as something comes too near your […]

Pictures Of Two Workers Caught Having Sex In Office Go Viral

If you’ve ever had a fling you regret, spare a thought for these New Zealand co-workers who unknowingly put on a sex show for the pub across the road. And worse still, the photos have now gone viral. The two Marsh Ltd employees, decided to leave the lights on while they got busy on a […]

Drunk Sex Versus Sober Sex – which one works best?

We were stunned, well maybe more intrigued, when we recently read that a survey conducted on a group of ladies found that nearly half of women say alcohol helps them to lose their inhibitions and feel more adventurous during sex, with 75% of women in committed relationships reporting that they enjoy drinking before doing the […]

Fifty Shades of Grey to be the most erotic film of the last decade

It hasn’t been released yet but Fifty Shades Of Grey is already guaranteed one award. The film is set to be one of the most erotic movies to have been released in the last decade due to its 20 minutes of sex scenes out of a total of 100 minutes. These raunchy scenes take up […]