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Grindrstiltskin: Gay Number 3 “Eoin”

“Grindrstiltskin” takes a sensational yet normal look into the mad, crazy world that is 21st century dating. Fuelled by passion, desire and an unhealthy obsession (or fear of missing out) with the gay dating app Grindr, you are treated to 8 weeks of contemporary gay dating in Ireland. The dating game can throw up some fun […]

It’s likely your man’s had sex with a prostitute…..

According to a new study, it’s quite likely your man has had sex with a prostitute. The results of the University College London study found that one in nine men admit to having paid for sex, with professionals between the ages of 25 and 34 are most likely to hire prostitutes. Speaking to the Metro, […]


The dating game can throw up some fun lunch time coffees, the weirdest men you have ever set eyes on and the perhaps the best sex you have ever had. “Grindrstiltskin” takes a sensational yet normal look into the mad, crazy world that is 21stcentury dating. Fuelled by passion, desire and an unhealthy obsession (or […]

Grindrstiltskin: Gay Number One “Davy”

The dating game can throw up some fun lunch time coffees, the weirdest men you have ever set eyes on and the perhaps the best sex you have ever had. “Grindrstiltskin” takes a sensational yet normal look into the mad, crazy world that is 21st century dating. Fuelled by passion, desire and an unhealthy obsession […]

Teacher Suspended after Sex Tape With Pupil Ends Up On a Hardcore Porn Website

A female teacher has been suspended after it was discovered that she was having sex with a pupil, after footage filmed of them having sex was circulated on a porn site. Lucita Sandoval was filmed having sex with a teenage pupil who films himself smiling and giving a thumbs up, before panning the camera around […]

Which Age Group Are Actually Having The Best Sex?

The fumbling teens, experimental 20s, deprived 30’s and rejuvenated 40s, sexpert Tracy Cox tells the MailOnline that actually, 45 year olds are having the best sex. Why? According to Tracy, sexually active teens – although have the rush of first time experiences – lack technique which usually means a disappointing sex life. Your experimental 20s […]

Blog: Sex after a baby

Congratulations! You’re a proud mom with a gorgeous baby. Your body has worked hard and now you want to reclaim your vagina.  Are you viewing sex with unabashed delight or muted misery? Here are tried and trusted ways to rediscover sex after a baby. Of course I know it’s exhausting and you feel less than […]

Study reveals there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm

Apparently, according to a latest study, vaginal orgasms don’t exist and the ‘g-spot’ is just a myth. Researchers have concluded that instead of orgasms being referred to by their specific regions, the umbrella term, ‘female orgasm’ should be used. Like most other studies on female orgasms, they concluded that the majority of women don’t orgasm […]

Couple Caught ‘Having Sex’ By Google Street View

We think this maybe a set up! So, apparently, a ‘randy’ couple have been caught having ‘sex’ by Google street view. The pair were filmed on Dukes Highway near Keith in South Australia as the Street View car passed by. He appears to be drinking a beer and she appears to be waving at the […]

Five Habits For A Hot Relationship

Touch everyday Make a conscious effort to touch each other every day, whether that’s a quick kiss, a hug or a cheeky slap on the bum on their way out the door. Be forgiving One of the most crucial factors to keeping the spark alive is forgiveness. Where there is resentment passion will not follow. […]

Top Ten Benefits of Having Great Morning Sex

For most of us, the sound of our alarm going off each morning is enough to ruin our mood for the rest of the day, never mind the morning. But increasing research is telling us that one quick morning glory each day not only has multiple health benefits, but it’s guaranteed to brighten up your […]

Five Ways The Water Charges Will Improve Your Sex Life

We know, we know, the new water charges introduced this week mean every single time we turn on that tap we are literally flushing money down the toilet. Yes, we were already paying €1 billion to maintain our water supply through the general exchequer and no, now that we are paying for it through this […]

8 Shocking Sexual Facts You May Find Interesting

  Semen can be used as face cream. “It is believed to diminish wrinkles, smooth skin and help with taming or preventing acne” according to medical daily. There can be up to 25 calories in a teaspoon of semen. We say teaspoon as this is the average amount ejaculated. There is approximately 300 million sperm in […]

Sex on the first date? Would you ladies?

THE SEX FACTOR WITH GERALDINE O’CALLAGHAN Sex on the first date? How soon is too soon? Will I be respected in the morning? Or more to the point, will I respect him? Let’s call a spade a spade, ladies. It’s the 21st century and us women like a bit of nookie as much as our […]

Research shows why the average Irish women may cheat

The average Irish female cheater is 36-years-old, has a university education, career driven and is most likely to cheat because she doesn’t get enough foreplay during sex! That is some opening line in The Star but according to Victoria Milan, an extra-marital dating site, research has shown women in their thirties use their site the […]

Would You ‘Spice’ Up Your Sex Life with this Festive Flavoured Condom?

Well, Durex do already have banana, orange, strawberry and now apple flavoured condoms. So a festive Pumpkin Spice flavour was not that unbelievable. This picture was making the rounds on social media over the weekend, seemingly showing a new pumpkin flavoured condom. But Durex have gone and busted our pumpkin condom bubble. They said: Durex […]

More Shocking Footage From Magaluf Involving 18-Year-Old Girl

  More shocking footage and photos from Magaluf. While undercover reporters are openly writing detailed accounts of what they witness at the holiday hotspot, young revelers are still getting wildly drunk and performing sex acts in public, while friends and strangers video and snap their antics. The latest in a long line of videos shows […]

Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater

  We have heard it before, once a cheater, always a cheater and although some folk disagree and believe everyone deserves a second, even a third chance, a new study presented at the annual American Psychological Association’s convention in Washington D.C. Found that the old adage is indeed true. The study claims people who cheat […]