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RSVP Interview with Def Leppard’s Rick Savage and Wife Paige

He may look and sound like a rock star, but Def Leppard’s Rick Savage certainly doesn’t behave like a well-known rock star. The down to earth, friendly musician and his blonde bombshell wife Paige recently caught up with RSVP to do a sexy, rock ‘n’ roll inspired photo shoot in Dublin’s Four Seasons Hotel, where it was all about leather, skinny jeans and big hair – and that’s just Rick we are talking about! The Def Leppard bassist and his stunning wife, who live in the south of Dublin with their three children Jordan, 19, Tyler, 12, and Scott, 11, spoke honestly to us about the lifestyle of a rock star, Rick’s struggle with Bell’s palsy, Paige’s crippling battle with depression, being a good house husband and how Def Leppard continued on after their drummer lost his arm.


Rick, Def Leppard has proven there is longevity in the music business. What has made you guys last the test of time? 

The main reason – and it is one simple thing – we actually like each other and respect each other and although we have gone our separate ways in many instances, we actually get on with each other, and that’s the beauty of being 30 years in the business. We’re at a stage where if we didn’t like each other there would be no point in doing it.

Do you remember the start of the madness for you guys in the band? Def Leppard mania!

Yeah absolutely, I can almost remember it to the day. It was crazy because it took us completely by surprise. We were releasing our third album ‘Pyromania’, the first two had done okay but for some reason this particular album went through the roof. It was number two in America for six months and only because Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was number one. We were number two behind the biggest selling album of all time, but we went from one level to another level almost overnight and the recognition and the fans just tripled in the blink of an eye. It took a lot of getting used to.


Is it true that you recorded an album at Ringo Star’s house?

We recorded our first album there, I was 18. It was actually John Lennon’s house, he sold it to Ringo. If you ever see the video ‘Imagine’ where it is all in white rooms and they are dressed in white, that is the house we recorded our first record in.

Was it wild, with lots of parties, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll?

No it’s not as wild as people think it is or would like to think it is. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when it was wild but like any teenagers or early twenties, you have your party nights but there was always a sense of enjoying yourself on your time off or after a show. If you are not able to perform properly the following night then what’s the point!


When you were doing the ‘Hysteria’ album, you had a lot of unfortunate events which lead people to believe the band was cursed?

We have had two major tragedies in our life span; one was losing our guitar player (Steve Clark) and the other was a drummer who lost his arm (Rick Allen), which are two pretty big things, but when you think of the amount of years we’ve been around… We’ve grown up in the public, our drummer was in the band before he even left school, anyone that’s over the age of 45, I can guarantee you they will have come across certain tragedies in their lives. We have been around a long time, so dotted along the timeline there have been some instances of things that have gone wrong. The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Led Zeppelin – they have all lost members. It’s only recognisable because they’ve been around so long and these things happen.

Was there a point when Rick (Allen) lost his arm that you felt it was all over?

No. There was a serious point when you just felt for him as an individual. This is all he has ever known, this is what he is really good at, and how is he going to be able to carry on? It just didn’t seem logical for him to continue doing this, he had just lost a limb but he found a way. Fortunately we were still recording the Hysteria album, which took four years to complete and it was during that time, so he had time to rehabilitate himself and to relearn how to play the drums again with his left leg, hitting pedals that made sounds that his left arm would have done. It is inspirational.


Did the band ever consider replacing him?

Rick is going to be the only person to put himself out of the band. We are like a family and if something bad happens to a family member you’re not going to disown them. He found a way to make it work.

You had your own share of misfortune getting Bell’s palsy, what was that time like?

I had never heard of it when it happened, I thought it was a stroke. Literally the whole side of my face was numb. I woke up one morning and knew that something was wrong, looked in the mirror and my whole face looked like it had melted. Almost 80 per cent of people within two months make 100 per cent recovery, back to normal. There is 20 per cent where it never really goes away and it has never really gone away with me. It improves with time, it’s just certain nerves are not connecting to certain muscle groups within your face. Consequently I can’t move my forehead. It looks like I have gotten bloody Botox years before it was invented. I took steroid tablets but the best thing that helped me was acupuncture. Again it was traumatic for a short space of time and then you look at the drummer and put things into perspective.


You have taken the positive from it?

Sure, I wish it hadn’t happened but you can get vain and that’s when you have to put things into perspective. You’re not one of these people who has had acid thrown in their face. Everyone notices things about themselves way more than anyone else, to be honest. That thought gets you through.

Def Leppard are off to Las Vegas in March with a new tour, Viva Hysteria?

Well you can call it a tour but we are in the same place. It’s the best way to tour really; we’re doing the one gig 13 times, basically playing the same show. It’s a residency. The best part of being on tour is playing, the worst part is travelling.

Paige, are you going to go to Las Vegas with him?

Paige – I don’t know, I haven’t decided. I don’t know if I want to because the boys have just moved back here (from Sheffield) and I want them, Scott and Tyler, to spend time here, to settle down and find their feet. To be honest, I’m not mad about going on tour. It is actually quite boring, no offense Rick! And when he’s away you get the whole bed to yourself, no snoring! You can get the girls around and talk girlie stuff, it’s great.

Rick – If you are not part of it, it can be boring. You’re only there to support someone.


Is being a Rock star’s wife all it is cracked up to be?

Paige – I know nothing about Rick’s musical background because I don’t want to know, I just learnt through you he was in Ringo Star’s house!

Rick – Paige is really not into the music. I mean she is with me in spite of what I do, not because of what I do and there is a difference.

Paige – It can be a pain in the ass. When Rick comes home he is a husband, he does husband duties like any other husband, there is no rock stars in our house. He does more than I do and I am more of a drama queen than he is; I am even lazier than he is. We just do normal things; you have to for your kids. There is madness in our house like in anyones house; same crap, same school runs, same dinners.

Are your kids into your music?

No not at all. Jordan, 19, sang on stage with me. She’s into it because she is at the age where she took an interest in music and has quite a good voice. The boys at this point have not really been exposed to music like when I was 12, because that is all we really had. They have so many other things.

Do they even realise you are who you are?

Paige – You know what is funny, when they were little we would say ‘Dad has gone to get on the plane now’ and for years they thought he was a pilot! That is true.

Paige you have spoken briefly about suffering from depression. From the outside, people may feel that as a rock star’s wife you have everything and wonder how can you be depressed?

Paige – People are not educated about depression. It’s one word with a thousand things around it. Being a rock star’s wife doesn’t mean you can’t get depression, I had a life before Rick. It is a clinical depression, it’s in the mind. With me, I could be fine today and then suddenly I wouldn’t want to leave the house, ever. I would have to be shoved into the bath to have a shower. It’s dark and it’s black and it is horrible. You could be living in heaven or hell, in a council house or a mansion but still feel like you have had enough.

Can you feel it when it’s coming on?

Paige – Funny enough, I feel it coming on quicker, faster and heavier as I get older.


Have you made life changes to deal with it? For example, I know that a lot of folk who suffer from depression don’t drink anymore.

Paige – Well that’s why I’m not having a drink now. When you start drinking you feel very good, then you go down a route where you start doing things to yourself you shouldn’t maybe do. Then it gets worse from there. If I fall off or get wasted, I go right down and the chances of getting back up are slimmer, so it is not worth my while. You can hate yourself so much you can actually physically hurt yourself.

Rick – I think a lot of people associate depression with feeling depressed because we all feel depressed from time to time, but there is a difference between the two. So that’s why you get the ‘can’t you shake yourself out of it’ attitude.

Paige – You don’t know where it comes from or what starts it and it’s not about your upbringing. You could have had a bad upbringing or the best upbringing and have depression. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Rick, is there any sign of Def Leppard ever stopping?

Not really no, unless someone gets really fed up with doing what they’re doing, but the age thing doesn’t come into it anymore. There have always been bands in front of us, be it Aerosmith or The Rolling Stones, people of our era are still playing.

You have a very loyal fan base.

Very loyal and you would see the same people turning up. You do find there is a pocket of fans that come to at least 10 shows on a tour and while you respect them and appreciate their support, you have to remember when you have sold a hundred million albums like we have, not to put too much importance on 50 people. Certain fans can be so fanatical they think they are owed something and that can be a little annoying, because while they may be the biggest fans it doesn’t give them an extra right or closeness to the band. Certain individuals think they are more important than the masses. We are thankful people to those who support and buy our albums.






Rick Savage must have been in a very desperate state of mind when he met Paige, who was a waitress with a kid, who claimed she was raped in the past, and then tried to commit suicide after she was married to him and had everything!

    Betty Jackson

    I think,this is awesome .I love def leppard and. Rick Savage.He sounds down to earth and I like that in a guy.And certainly a great family guy.☺️😘


isabel this is what i say these guy is very nice great good music

michele Artigliere

I love Rick Savage from Def Leppard , I always did love him. I am one of his fans. I think he is so cute and very down to earth.


I am so disappointed in what Rick has said about the fans that we think they owe us something. Not something I thought would come from him. I live in Australia but made a trip to Europe and to London then hired a car and we drove to Sheffield as I wanted to know where it all began. We even went to Steve Clarks resting place. That’s the kind of fan I am and for Rick to say what he did is heart breaking. I am not saying I am better than the next fan but to brush off on fans is not good Savvy cause without the fans there is nothing. In Melbourne Joe did acknowledge us after the concert and asked if we like it. and Phil acknowledged the photo of me taken at Steve’s resting place. Just those 2 things meant to world to me so you see Savvy it doesn’t take a great deal to make a fan happy, please don’t push them away.

    Debbie Kalagian

    Michele I agree with you 100%! I could not believe he said that. The last concert I seen this April 2017 I was very sick. I paid big money for front row seats and had to fight crowds to be able to see sitting in the front row! Very hard to do when your not feeling good. To hear that he wouldn’t have even acknowledged it is very sad. Makes me sorry I suffered to get there……..


    Learn how to read princess. He’s likely, as have many rock stars, gotten fed up with the “fans” who think because they hang around like leeches that means they know the band, they know the members, and are in a way “family”. The ones who troll forums and what not with photographs looking for their latest “fix”.

    Given Rick’s own problems and his wife’s as well I can certainly understand why he would find such “fans” more than simply annoying. He indicates that people were very ignorant of his Bell’s Palsy and indeed many so-called “fans” have been very ignorant & nasty in their commentary about his “botox” over the years. His attitude is well deserved.

    But like many such “fans” if you ever met in the streets aside from screaming for an autograph and blubbering about nothing of importance what do you really have in common?

    As Sav says such fans are no different than the masses. They’re nothing special. Will never get special treatment. You’re a fan. You are to stay on that side of the fence. a


      That’s a lot of bull! Every time I seen them I don’t see people acting like annoying fans James. Besides what is an annoying fan? Someone who just loves their music, does that make them annoying?? And remember without his “annoying” fans he’d be nobody!


    Learn how to read princess. He’s likely, as have many rock stars, gotten fed up with the “fans” who think because they hang around like leeches that means they know the band, they know the members, and are in a way “family”. The ones who troll forums and what not with photographs looking for their latest “fix”.

    Given Rick’s own problems and his wife’s as well I can certainly understand why he would find such “fans” more than simply annoying. He indicates that people were very ignorant of his Bell’s Palsy and indeed many so-called “fans” have been very ignorant & nasty in their commentary about his “botox” over the years. His attitude is well deserved.

    But like many such “fans” if you ever met in the streets aside from screaming for an autograph and blubbering about nothing of importance what do you really have in common?

    As Sav says such fans are no different than the masses. They’re nothing special. Will never get special treatment. You’re a fan. You are to stay on that side of the fence.

    Sergio Mendoza Hochmann

    Hi, Michele! Don’t know if you’ll read this but here is my take: don’t feel bad because he is obviously NOT talking about true fans like you. He’s talking about people who think that their effor mean they are more important than others. Sting recently said that some people seem to think that if they call him “Gordon” (his real name) that they are all of a sudden part of an inner circle or entitled to more. Then he said that even his wife calls him Sting, as did his parents. The guys in Lep appreciate you as much if not more than you might think, including Sav.


    I agree with a lot of people saying that it was rude for Rick to say that about the fans I am 42 years old had been a fan since I am 14 and I’ve been to over 30 shows met the band hung out with them I was a friend to one of the Roadies for one year of their tour. I’m going to leave his name anonymous but I did Witness Rick making out with a girl in a bar that was not his wife Paige. I think it is ignorant of her to not want to know about her husband’s musical background or anything that he does. She probably likes it when he is away because she gets to cheat on him also. It broke my heart when I heard him saying that about the fans. he is a great bass player and has been my favorite out of the whole band since I’m 14 but now I look at him differently. It is as die-hard fans that go to see multiple shows who keep them in business. I do have to say that in the short time that I did know that they were very nice and down-to-earth.


wow that was kind of rude Rick saying some of your fans thank yall we us something Um yea what if we do we being die hard fans for years and years whom some of us follow your concerts all over the world and the concerts are very expensive by the way and the merchandise as well tee shirts being 45.00 hoodies 60.00 yea maybe thinking a meet and great would be nice or a pic a hug that would be nice I have had a crush on you for years I grew up in the 70s and 80s I have always wanted o go to a DL concert growing up my mom could never afford to let me go she was a single parent raising 4kids by her self and then I had kids and well I had shoes and clothes to by I def. wish I could of seen Def Leppard maybe some day but that statement king of hurt my feelings I still love yall and am your #1fan you was always my favorite and also Rick abot 2months ago I to woke up in the night thinking I was having heart attach my husband to me to the hosp .they to said it was Bels Paisley I was very lucky my face didn’t stay paralyzed it was tho, for about 4days if I tried to smile only one side of my lip moved but the other side didn’t and one eye blinked but the other didn’t I was so scared and very lucky


These guys are a class act. My fav is Love and Affection. Sorry to hear of Paige’s depression issues So debilitating.


I know that people say these things all the time how big a fan they are, I have been a fan since I was 14 , seen the band 22 times. It makes me happy to see the band so happy still together. Rick is a fabulous bass player and I do love the band so much. I had Bell’s palsy years ago and I know how Rick feels there saying it looks like your face is melting , thank god I was part of the 80% that mine went away and hasn’t come back. I am very proud to see all of them and their families. Paige I hope and pray that you get to feeling better and have way more good days than bad. Hoping for the best for them always!


jealousy is a big issues with fans, and and as for Paige, none of us know her, she came out publicly about depression and thats brave, she didnt have to put it out there, and i respect that about her and her family. i dont think for a minute, shes using Rick’s fame for her own gain. They seem to show how n love they are thru their photos and do hold a true moral core for their children.


Wow…seems to be a lot of negative comments towards Paige. Ah…who knows…from the way she looks in all the expensive merchandise she is wearing ( unless she is dressing like that only for a photo run) she obviously is financially well off just by being married to Rick Savage. So…weather or not she is really depressed or not I don’t know because I do not know her personally. Maybe she might be worried that with who Rick Savage is she may think he can have any female because a lot of women would like to be with Rick Savage and some women don’t care if ANY of the members of Def Leppard are married or not..they would want them anyways. But then again who knows….all I know is Def Leppard has been, still is, and ALWAYS will be my favorite band!


Not sure if Paige is with Rick for all the right reasons. She kind of looks like she’s trying to ride on his fame. But hey, if they’re happy, I’m happy, as long as the music keeps being made. Just figured out their 2015 tour schedule on rocktotick, and I can’t wait.


thanks for being real and opening up about some serious issues. my buddy got meet and greet tickets when the band was probably at its lowest popularity because they were playing an old dog racing venue in Idaho. we met Rick and Vivian and being a couple of guys about their age I would say we weren’t super star struck but the band is legendary and has produced incredible music. Love this band. Rick kindly pointed out that Vivian was part of the band too, since we didn’t recognize him at first. Great guys. as for paige, depressions that come and go frequently often fall into the category of bipolar. you may not have full bipolar but a person can have like a mild bipolar like bipolar 2. the point is you should be on mood stabilizers if you have this like lithium and or lamictal. antidepressants can actually fuel bipolar making it worse. take care god bless and continue to rock! A legendary band!


I don’t like Paige at all , she is using Sav for her career, to gain success she is so bad that she use her past so we fill sorry for her, and she is a drama queen if she don’t get what she wants she will be a drama queen, nobody knew about Paige before she met Sav, he is the key for her career to gain popularity and all this cantracts for her she is pure evil


    A depressed person doesn’t look like a million bucks all the time. That’s the last thing they care about is how they look, I know I was there………

Stephanie Spiteri

i feel sorry for Paige. but she is using her husband for her own success before she was married to him no one heard of Paige Hannonn now we hear of her because she is married, she is manipulating him if she don’t get waht she wants shhe will be a dramma queen.

greg lay

I respect the band a lot for sticking together through thick and thin; but I’d really like to have another guitar album like High and Dry! Sure Steve Clarks not in the band now and is really missed,but they got Vivian Campbell who is a kick ass player in his own right!! Phil Collin is awesome ‘lets face it they got the guns use them’ ready aim fire!!!!!!!


    Another High ‘n’ Dry!!!! Hell yeah wouldn’t that be awesome.

Christina Clark

I don’t agree with what Rick said about fans that think Def Leppard owes them something because they have been fans longer than others.(not me) I have been a fan for thirty yrs.and I’m 40 yrs. old so do the math.All I’ve ever wanted is to meet the band I’ve loved for 30yrs. and maybe get an autograph and a picture with them.That would be awesome!!!! Paige I suffer with major depression so I completely understand what your going through. I agree with you about how It don’t matter if you’ve had a good or bad upbringing,but I feel that if you’ve had a traumatic,hard life like I’ve had it makes it tougher to get through when you get badly depressed. I am in therapy and determined to get beyond everything I’ve been through!!Good Luck Paige!!! I hope Rick and you can read this sometime In the future.Take care and god bless!!!

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