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This ‘sex dust’ by Moon Juice claims to ‘excite’ your sex life

Amanda Chantal Bacon’s via Instagram

Amanda Chantal Bacon’s via Instagram

Amanda Chantal Bacon’s holistic juice bar chain, Moon Juice, is known for offering a ‘sex dust’ which stimulates sexual appetite.

“‘Sex Dust’ is a lusty edible formula alchemized to ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom. A holistic approach to deeply nourished sexual vigor, this warming elixir sends waves of sensitivity and power to all the right places,” is how the product is described on their website.

The product contains: Ho Shou Wu, Organic Cacao, Shilajit, Maca, Organic Schisandra, Cistanche, Epimedium, Organic Stevia.

Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow is a lover of ‘Sex Dust’. If it’s good enough for health fanatic Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s good enough for us.

Amanda Chantal Bacon describes MoonJuice as;

“a healing force, an etheric potion, a cosmic beacon for those seeking out beauty, wellness and longevity.”

Seemingly, her products only deliver to certain places outside of the U.S, however, talking to Vogue recently, she gave her top three tips for restarting your body in the New Year.

1: Re-wild your gut.

GET WILD + GIVE IT AWAY// Re-wilding (culturing the gut) improves digestion, clears and brightens the skin, puts allergies in check, and strengthens the immune system. For a gut-loving last-minute gift, give your funky bunch a batch of this probiotic beauty food from The MJ Cookbook. — Cultured Fennel, Apple & Juniper (Makes three 1.5 quart jars) 2 medium green cabbages, 3 outer leaves reserved, the rest shredded in a food processor 1.5 green apples, cored and thinly sliced by hand or on a mandoline 1 medium fennel bulb, shredded in a food processor 2 teaspoons fennel seeds 2 teaspoons juniper berries Pink salt to taste — In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients except the 3 reserved cabbage leaves and the salt. Remove the 3 cups of the mixture and transfer to a blender with ½ cup water. Blend on high until the mixture has the consistency of a thick juice. Pour the blended mixture back into the bowl and mix it with shredded vegetables to coat them evenly. Transfer the mixture to three 1.5-quart sterilized glass jars or stainless-steel containers. Use your fist to pack the veggies tightly, leaving a few inches of space at the top for the veggies to expand. Depending on the size of your cabbages and how tightly you pack them, you may not fill all three jars, which is fine. Roll up the reserved whole cabbage leaves into a tight “cigarillo” and place them in the jars to fill the remaining space. Screw on the lids. Let the veggies stand at room temperature for at least 3 days — a week is better. If your kitchen is cooler than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, place the jars on top of an operating dehydrator to create a warmer environment. When the vegetables have fermented to your liking, add a bit of salt to slow down any further fermentation and place the jars in the refrigerator. In a covered container, they will keep for a month or more. #moonjuicecookbook #cookcosmic

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How does this work? She says to “eat probiotic-rich foods throughout the day—like fermented vegetables or coconut yogurt”. This way you get your gut to work with you and not against you, and therefore will reap the benefits of better skin, immunity, and a better mood.

2: Eat your fats.

While we can often be tempted to turn to low fat diets after the heavy indulgence over Christmas, Bacon warns against this. However, only certain fats are good. Speaking about them she said;

“They’re also vital for the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins D and E, the latter of which is an essential beauty vitamin, important for a healthy inflammation response and skin health,”

So where can you find the good fats? Raw plant fats like avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and even almond butter.

3. Add in your Adaptogens.

“Adaptogens work by reducing stress-hormone-induced cellular damage—improving mood, boosting immunity, and reducing fatigue,” she said. A firm believer in Adaptogens, Bacon sells may of them on her site, and refers to them a lot in her book MoonJuice.

To see more of her tips, and tricks visit her site, or her Instagram.

She seems quirky, and I wouldn’t mind taking on board these tips, and trying them out.

What do you think? Would you give the ‘Sex Dust’ a go? Or are you happy just sticking to the simple New Years tips?


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