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7 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Dog

You might think you know your beloved pooch inside and out… But you probably never would have guessed these 7 amazing facts! The Smell Centre Of A Dog’s Brain Is 40 Times Larger Than Yours  Dogs can smell thousands of times better than humans. Their noses have millions more scent receptors—for example, a human nose […]

Win: A Years Supply Of Pettura Products For The Madra In Your Life

RSVP Magazine would love to give one lucky reader a chance to win a one year supply of the Pettura range. The range includes five products including, Oral Health, Multivitamin, Skin & Coat, Calming and Healthy Joints. We would also like to give away two invites to the product launch of the range to the […]


Love dogs? Love blogs? Then you really should check out these 5 blogs we have gone and found, just for you! These blogs cover everything from nutritional information for your pooch, to tips on how to keep them fit and happy, and everything inbetween.   1. Puppy Leaks Puppy Leaks is a blog where dog […]

SHOCKING STATISTICS: Over 17,000 animal cruelty cases reported in just ONE year

Shocking numbers have been released showing that over 17,000 animal cruety cases were reported in just one year alone. Within that number, 38 prosecutions are currently being pursued by the Department of Agriculture. Last year, over 1,100 reports of animal cruelty cases were recieved by the Department of Agriculture, which runs a dedicated helpline. A […]

Is your dog Obese?

Chubby dogs can seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems for your poor dog. Many dogs become over weight due to over feeding or an unbalanced diet. Obesity can make dogs less willing to be active and playful, which not only increases the chances of them becoming more overweight but also deprives them of […]

This girl tried to bring her dog into an Irish nightclub on New Years Eve

There’s loving your dog, and then there’s loving your dog so much you want to head out on the town together, and apparently this girl tried exactly that. This girl was pictured on Facebook seemingly trying to convince security at a nightclub to let her dog in to the club with her. The girl seems to […]

This photo of a dog posing in front of the Hachiko Statue has gone viral

This photo of an adorable dog has gone viral after it posed for its owner in front of the Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo. According to Net Shark it was Twitter user, Pita Ochave who shared the picture which has since gone viral. “THIS LIL CUTIE WAS POSING FOR HIS OWNER IN FRONT OF THE HACHIKO STATUE […]

Father asks for advice after his dog bites his daughter

A father has written into Red FM in Cork to ask for advice about what to do with his dog who bit his daughter. In his message the man says that his 10 year old daughter was bitten by his collie dog, but that he doesn’t want to put him down. His daughter was left with 8 stitches […]

PAWS FOR THOUGHT with Laura Woods

It’s said that dogs are man’s best friends and there’s no doubt that Irish people adore their canine companies. This month TV3 presenter and avid dog lover Laura Woods chats to RSVP’s Susan Knox about her little lady Minnie who is older than the hills, but still acts like a lively little puppy. Hi Laura, […]

Abused and neglected dog saves foster family from fire

An abused and neglected dog has become a real life a hero! The 1-year-old black lab mix went home with a Louisville foster mom Tuesday. By Wednesday, he saved her and her other animals from a fire. When Bacchus arrived at The Arrow Fund in December, he was not in good shape. “Bacchus came to […]

This dog slipping over on ice is all of us on Monday morning

You drag your bum out of bed and venture out into the frostbitten morning, only to fall over on a patch of ice! In a video posted to Youtube, this poor pooch shows us how to fall in style: Watch and learn as the excitable pup bounds towards the camera, only to lose his footing. […]

Security camera footage shows this mans amazing act towards a stray dog

Security camera footage shows this mans amazing act towards this stray dog and its so touching. After there had been a theft, a resident from Giresun, in Tirkey was looking at their CCTV footage when they noticed something incredible. The footage showed a stray dog shivering in the cold snow. The resident then noticed a […]

Recycle your used ink cartridges for free and help the ISPCA at the same time

Recycle your used cartridges, ink jets, drums and toners for free and help the ISPCA at the same time. The ISPCA has partnered with Infotone, who will collect your ink jets, toners and drums for free. Recyclable cartridges can be worth up to €2.00 each which will be donated to the ISPCA helping them to continue to rescue, rehabilitate […]

These easy steps can help to make your dog a lot happier

Follow these easy steps and you can help make your dog a lot happier! 1. Rotate their toys. We’re not suggesting you continuously buy your dog new toys, however, just like people dogs get bored easily. Rotating toys can help make them happier. When your dog gets bored of what’s out, put them away and bring […]

Warning Signs That Your Dog Is Depressed

There are all kinds of ways to tell if people are depressed. They might stop eating or eat more to dull the pain. They might cry a lot more often unexpectedly. There’s a good chance that they’ll start withdrawing from life in general by avoiding friends and family members and possibly even calling in sick […]

This adorable dog just hopped on a train from Portarlington to Dublin by himself

This adorable dog hopped on a train from Portarlington to Dublin by himself. Irish Rail shared the picture on their Facebook saying; “Lost Dog – This dog boarded a train to Dublin this morning at Portarlington. Please contact Kilmainham Garda Station +353 1 666 9700”, on December 30th. The post of the dog went viral […]

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During New Years Eve Fireworks

New Years eve might be all fun and games for us, but a lot of animals suffer with terrible anxiety from the loud bangs that the fireworks make. Some are so traumatised that they still don’t want to go out the next morning. With a bit of preparation, pet owners can reduce this stress pretty well to a […]