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RTE Release Exclusive Never Before Seen Clip Of Fair City’s Katy O’Brien Case

With events in Fair City intensifying as the anticipation builds on the streets of Carrigstown, take the opportunity to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as Gardaí investigators John Deegan and D.I. McCabe review the investigation into Katy’s disappearance with an exclusive, never before seen,  ‘behind the scenes’ clip available only on RTÉ Player. Since […]

Fair City Fans Left Shocked After Katy STABS Ciaran!

  Fair City fans were left in absolute shock after Katy stabbed Ciaran at the end of tonight’s dramatic episode. Katy was forced to plunge a knife into her captor’s back as he choked her brother Emmet. Fans took to Twitter to express their shock at the violent scene: HOLY CRAP!!! #FairCity @RTEFairCity — Ruthie […]

Ciaran threatens Emmets life in tonight’s episode of Fair City

Ciaran threatens Emmets life in tonight’s episode of Fair City. In a story line that seems to be going on, and on, fans will be happy with how dramatic tonight’s episode is set to be. While fans were sure that the Katy story line would reach some conclusion last weekend, they might be pleased to […]

Fair City’s Katy Saga Finally Set to End Tomorrow Night

It’s all kicking off in Carrigstown tomorrow night – and fans are set to be be glued to their seats as the Katy O’Brien saga finally reaches an end. Katy has been living under Ciaran’s control for such a long time that it would take something drastic for her to take matters into her own […]

This Is What Is Going To Happen In Fair City This Week

The time has finally come lads. We’ve waited for over a year, but the storyline which has kept the nation glued to their televisions is finally set to end. We genuinely never thought we’d see the end of it, but this week, the O’Brien family finally find out where their daughter Katy has been held […]

Fair City fans are furious at Katy for not escaping

Fair City fans are furious at Katy for not taking a chance to escape tonight. The Irish soap has caused a stir once again this week. The character, who is being held captive by Ciaran, let a great opportunity slip through her fingertips in the latest instalment of the show. It seems to be never […]

Viewers are FURIOUS after Tonight’s Episode of Fair City

“I’d be able to take Ciaran. Don’t know how Emmet can’t” Viewers are enraged after tonight’s episode of Fair City! The show started out promisingly, as it appeared that Farrah was finally going to spill the beans on Ciaran and free Katy once and for all. It’s going to happen 😳😳😳 #FairCity come on Farrah […]

Viewers Noticed Something VERY Hilarious In Tonight’s Fair City

As always, Fair City viewers have had us in the stitches tonight as they comment on the latest episode. As expected, Twitter is absolutely on fire with tweets about Katy, about Emmett and about the increasingly evil Ciaran. Besides the fact that they pointed out that Ciaran has suddenly morphed into The Joker, eagle-eyes viewers […]

Fair City’s Amilia Clarke Stewart Opens Up About Playing Katy

She’s been a part of one of the show’s longest and most talked about storylines of the year. And now Amilia Clarke Stweart who plays the kidnapped Katy O’Brien in Fair City has opened up about playing the most talked about character for the first time. Speaking to The RTE Guide, Amilia admitted that she […]

In tonight’s Fair City, Emmet comes face to face with Katy’s captor Ciaran

Emmet comes face to face with Katy’s captor in tonight’s episode of Fair City. Debbie and Eoghan tell Deegan about the phonecalls Emmet has been getting, even though they’re trying to help, Emmet won’t engage with them. Emmet is growing desperate to get his sister freed and so he agrees with the captor to trade […]

Fair City’s Susie Power shares touching message to Johnny Ward

Fair City’s Susie Power shares touching message to Johnny Ward after he bravely opened up. Yesterday, he revealed that his sister had a miscarriage back in 2012. Johnny- who plays Ciaran- opened up following his recent story line with Farrah. One of the shows youngest stars, Susie, replied to the story thank her uncle for […]

Fair City: Is Katy going to be released on Sunday?

Is Katy going to be released on Sunday? Viewers are convinced that she is. Johnny Ward- who plays Ciaran- has sent fans crazy with a preview clip online. After months and months and waiting for this big moment, it looks like it is finally here. But what will happen? Check out the trailer for this […]

Fair City Star Johnny Ward Sends Fans Crazy with Spoilers Tweet

  Fair City star Johnny Ward has sent fans into a frenzy with a spoilers Tweet today! The Dublin actor, who plays Ciaran in the soap, shared a Twitter message with a spoiler clip for the this weekend’s double episode. He wrote: “Check out the trailer for this Sunday’s One hour special of fair city. […]

Fair City will not air this week and viewers aren’t happy!

It’s been confirmed that Fair City will not air tonight, Wednesday or Thursday – and viewers aren’t happy. The show is taking a break until May 14th due to the Eurovision and the UEFA Championship League taking up its normal slot. Fans were not happy they were down to just one Fair City episode on […]

Fair City fans disappointed after the show is cancelled due to Eurovision

Fair City fans will be very disappointed to learn that the show has been cancelled next week, with the only episode being aired being a double episode on Sunday. The popular RTE soap usually airs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night. However, due to the Eurovision and Champions League football coverage, it will not […]

Viewers are FURIOUS over Fair City and Emmet tonight

Viewers are FURIOUS over Fair City tonight- why did he Emmet burn Katy’s belongings? He should have called his bluff. Fans of the show have called him stupid for going ahead with Ciarán’s task, as well as asking where he got a BBQ? In tonight’s episode, Ciaran forced Emmet to carry out an appalling act […]

Ciaran Goes To A Whole New Level On Tonight’s Fair City

We never imagined that he’d be capable of being THIS evil, but as it turns out, Ciaran is. In tonght’s episode, Ciaran gets a sick pleasure out of forcing Emmet to carry out an appalling act that devastates the O’Brien family. After Ciaran plants the idea that Tommy Dillon is the person behind Katy’s disappearance, […]