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Why does your dog have whiskers?

Why does your dog have whiskers? And what should you do to be caring for them? Whiskers, or the technical term“vibrissae”, are a specialized type of hair found in many mammals, including cats and dogs. These hairs are there for a reason, that reason being to help your dog to define what space they’re in. According […]

Why does my dog chase it tail and is it normal?

There are a few reasons why your dog might chase its tail, and while some are normal, some are not. According to Dr. Ciribassi, dogs will chase their tail if it’s injured or if they’re grooming. However, if your dog is chasing its tail otherwise, it may be abnormal. “It can occur as an attention-seeking […]

The BIG question…Do dogs dream?

Ah dogs. Sometime they baffle us, from their overreactions to seeing us come home at the end of the day, to how they insist to chase their tail. One thing that we often wonder is, do dogs dream? The answer is yes, they do, and they share many similarities to humans. According to Dr.Ward, dogs […]

There’s meet up in Dublin for pugs and we’re losing our minds

It’s no secret that here at Ireland’s Next Top Madra we love dogs. And if there’s only one thing we love more than a cute dog…and that’s multiple dogs. And now we’ve just realised there’s a meet up in Dublin for dogs, and not just any type of dog, but pugs. Despite their squashed faces and […]

This dogs transformation is just amazing!

Here at Ireland’s Next Top Madra we love dogs, it’s no secret. We love to see is dogs being loved, and dogs being given a second chance at a happy life. Over on Dogs trust earlier today, they shared an incredible transformation of one of their rescue dogs and it may have brought us to […]

How To Cheer Up Your Dog If They Seem To Be Down

Dogs can become depressed without you even realising it, and sometimes they do need to be cheered up. A depressed dog is more likely to contract an illness, and if your dog is depressed sometimes he will not be able to get better. Depression may be an everyday occurrence; some dogs suffer from separation anxiety […]

7 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Dog

You might think you know your beloved pooch inside and out… But you probably never would have guessed these 7 amazing facts! The Smell Centre Of A Dog’s Brain Is 40 Times Larger Than Yours  Dogs can smell thousands of times better than humans. Their noses have millions more scent receptors—for example, a human nose […]

This Is What Your Dog Says About You

From a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and display an array of temperaments. Studies suggest that the type of dog breed that you choose can tell a lot about your personality. So here they are: Bulldogs Bulldogs are determined, persistent, and do not give up easily. […]

How To Make Your Own Doggie Stew

Imagine if you had to eat the exact same food every meal, every day of your life. Beyond being painfully boring, wouldn’t you question whether you’re getting a nutritionally balanced diet? Welcome to a dog’s life. Long ago before commercially produced dog food, dogs ate a lot of the same foods as humans. There’s a […]

This dog got the cutest nickname by the Gardai when he was ‘arrested’

Huskey Dog currently in Tallaght Garda Station looking to be reunited with his owner. Contact 01-6666000 Pls RT — Garda Info (@gardainfo) March 17, 2017 On St. Patrick’s day Gardai ‘arrested’ this little husky and he was given the cutest nickname. Seeing as the day that was in it, the Gardai decided to nickname […]

K-9 Angels are battling to help stray dogs in Romania, whose realities are heartbreaking

K-9 Angels, a charity group, are battling to help stray dogs in Romania whose realities are absolutely heartbreaking. We’ve all had our laughs at the hyperactive Jack Russell at this years ‘Crufts’ but according to co-founder of K-9 Angels, the reality for most dogs, is much more heartbreaking. “We have just had Crufts where hundreds of beautiful […]

Foods your dog can and cannot eat

Knowing what you can and can’t feed your dog can be tricky. So we’ve put together a list of things your dog can eat, should eat rarely, and should never eat. Things your dog can eat: Peanut butter Bananas Pears Carrots Meat & fish Rice Lettuce Things your dog should eat in moderation: Apples Potatoes […]

The DSPCA are urgently looking for a foster home for this little guy

Taking to their Facebook page the DSPCA have put out an appeal to find a foster home for this poor little guy. In their post they have said; “Dobby is searching for a loving foster home.” “He arrived as a young puppy, found straying on the road. He needed urgent surgery on his injured leg. […]

Is your dog Obese?

Chubby dogs can seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems for your poor dog. Many dogs become over weight due to over feeding or an unbalanced diet. Obesity can make dogs less willing to be active and playful, which not only increases the chances of them becoming more overweight but also deprives them of […]

Why you should never kiss your dog

A recent article by New York Times has revealed the reasons why, other than gross dog breath obviously, you should never, ever, kiss you dog. While many dog lovers can be guilty of getting very close to their dogs, close enough so that their dog can lick their face, they’re being warned not to do this! […]