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This limited edition dress from River Island is gorgeous

This limited edition dress from River Island is gorgeous- we need to get our hands on one ASAP! And it is pretty good bargain at this price too. This Black floral print lace hem slip midi dress comes in at just €40, you really can’t go wrong- can you? If you have an occasion coming […]

This linen dress from Lidl is a summer essential

This linen dress from Lidl is a summer essential, as well as being an absolute bargain. You can bag yourself this simple beauty for less than tenner. Just €7.99, this dress is an ideal choice if you are heading on your summer holidays or planning your festival wardrobe. Choose from two different colours, yellow or […]

River Island, You’ve Got Us With THESE Shoes

River Island never fails to make us excited when it comes to fashion. And when we saw that these INCREDIBLE shoes are on sale for €45 down from €100, it didn’t take us long to lose our minds a little bit. Now it has to be said, not everyone will be a fan of these shoes because […]

This floral print dress from Zara is a complete steal

This floral print dress from Zara is a complete steal and perfect for the summer months. It is so bright and colourful and less than €20! For just €17.95, you will be the envy of your friends and family without breaking the bank- we love the collar detail. Keeping the purse strings firmly tight, this […]

Lidl’s new range of playsuits is super stylish

Lidl’s new range of playsuits is super stylish and perfect for the summer months ahead. Ladies, you have to get your hands on one of these next week- and they are less than a tenner. For just €8.99, you will be the envy of all of your friends with this Esmara Ladies Playsuit. The floral […]

People Are Fighting Over This Pineapple Dress From Penneys

We absolutely love it, but it seems that not everyone is digging this AMAZING pineapple dress from Penneys. The rather daring printed dress was showcased on Primark’s Instagram today, and things didn’t go down too well. Although many followers fell in love with the dress, the majority of people were seriously unimpressed. ”It looks like […]

These Shoes From Lidl Are So Amy Huberman

You just cannot beat Lidl’s amazing deals on fashion pieces lately. And these striking metallic lace-up shoes are no exception – in fact – they are our absolute favourite. Now, it has to be said that these shoes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to take a leaf out of Amy […]

Penney’s are selling a FRIENDS t shirt and we need it now

Ah FRIENDS, despite watching each episode a trillion times we can still stick it on and laugh ourselves silly. Whether you Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, or Phoebe is your favourite, says a lot about you as a person. What do we love almost as much as we love FRIENDS? A good bargain. And now […]

Tesco announce epic Easter wine sale

The long weekend just got off to a serious bang, with the news that Tesco is launching a huge sale on wines and prosecco this weekend. And while you won’t be able to purchase any alcohol today in Ireland, tomorrow you’ll be able to avail of 25% off when you buy 6 bottles of wine […]

Lidl is selling communion dresses

Lidl is selling communion dresses and parents are going to save a fortune! People around the country can stop panicking about trying to buy occasion wear for their little ones- this supermarket has you sorted. We all know how dear communion dresses, as well as the accessories, can be… The PEPPERTS® Girls’ Dress and Jumpsuit […]

This Penneys Dress Has Everyone Talking

Oh dear… So people are in two different minds over this new dress in Penneys, but we love it. As you’re all pretty well aware by now, gingham is one of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer. So it’s no surprise that half of Instagram fell in love with this new long-length blue gingham number. This […]

We are in love with these Summer Fairy Lights from Lidl

We are in love with these Summer Fairy Lights from Lidl- how fab are they? This stunning garden accessory is sure to brighten up your summer for just €19.99. The MELINERA® LED Summer Fairy Lights LED XXL will only set you back €19.99 and they come in two different styles. Just picture it, chilling out […]

Penneys Have The Most Beautiful Designer Lookalike Top In Store

Penneys! You’re actually killing us lately with all these new arrivals. Just when we thought we’d fallen in love with ALL of the new summer pieces in store, we go and find THIS. HOW cute is this gorgeous denim top with the ever so stylish flared sleeve? Way too gorgeous to leave it behind you, […]

This Garden Storage Box Is All We Need For This Sunny Long Weekend

Amazing! As if we weren’t already excited enough for the long weekend that’s about to be full of chocolate, sun, and lets face it…. alcohol. Lidl go and add this incredible piece to their Spring collection, and it’s literally all we need to have a perfect weekend. The sun is set to shine on us […]

ALDI have a new French Wine range and we are LOVING the names

ALDI have a new range of French wines and we are loving their very tongue in cheek choice of names. Earlier this year it launched a cut-price range for Spring, and the latest being added to the batch are 11 bottles from France. They are in the French Discoveries range, which are priced between €7.99 […]

Lidl has launched make-up brushes

Lidl has launched make-up brushes are they are sure to be an absolute sell out next week. At just €1.49, the Miomare Cosmetic brush collection is an incredible bargain for beauty lover’s right across the country. Save a few bob while taking care of your eyelashes, brows and lips- they key areas when applying your […]

So Yeah, Dealz Are Selling Female Urinals…. As You Do

Delaz, you never fail to amaze us you know. Sure what else would you be doing of a Saturday morning only heading on into Dealz to pick yourself up a female urinal there? On the other hand though, when you think about it logically, these babies would be UNREAL for festivals. Unlike lads, us ladies […]

This Designer Lookalike Jacket From H&M Is The Thing Of Dreams

H&M, you are goals! The suede biker jacket has been all the rage for the longest time. But the only thing is, it’s seriously hard to get your hands on one that’s less than around two hundred euro. Fear not ladies, because once again, H&M has got you covered with this incredible grey styled one. […]

EuroGiant is selling fairy doors

EuroGiant is selling fairy doors- the perfect treat for the little one in your life. Get your hands on the most sought after magical toy for just €3. Just in case you need to know, a Fairy House is a gateway through which our enchanted imaginations can play in the magical realms – and a […]

LIDL are selling amazing home workout sets tomorrow

LIDL are selling amazing home workout kits from tomorrow, April 6th, and we can see them selling out very quickly. With summer approaching and more people rushing to get their ‘summer body’ in order LIDL have come out with the perfect solution. Gym’s can be expensive and often training indoors when the weather is nice out puts […]