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12 year old Irish boy dies on a family holiday in Spain

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A 12 year old Irish boy has died, four days after being saved from drowning in a hotel swimming pool during a family holiday.

The boy was saved from a Costa Brava hotel in the resort of Lloret de Mar. swimming pool and revived by lifeguards but died four days later in hospital.

Hospital sources told the Irish Mirror that overnight he had lost his fight for life after four days in intensive care.

A source told the publication that he was swimming with his 14-year-old sister when she spotted him in difficulties and raised the alarm, they explained:

 “He was swimming and went under water and seconds later his sister realised he was drowning not swimming and screamed for help. Other holidaymakers got him out of the water before the lifeguards rushed over and started to try to resuscitate him with the help of a doctor who was staying at the hotel.”

They added:

“The local police arrived very quickly with a defibrillator and managed to get his heart going again. He was taken to hospital by air ambulance. We know he was out of danger on Monday but then must have taken a turn for the worst for some reason because we learnt tragically that he’d died later the same day.”

Police were reportedly told the boy was taking medication for an existing health condition which is understood to be used to control epilepsy.

An investigation into what caused the incident is now underway.

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