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A 16-year-old year girl was found dead after a “staged” crash

A 16-year-old year girl was found dead after a “staged” car crash over the weekend.

Her devastating death comes after she had a secret date with an older man.

Megan Bannister, aged 16, was involved in the horror crash on Sunday morning.

Police in the UK have arrested two men after discovering that she was dead before the crash.

“Police arrested the driver and front-seat passenger on suspicion of murder after discovering Megan was dead before the crash.

“Megan, who would have sat her first GCSE yesterday, had told friends she had a date with a man in his late twenties she had met at a club.

“She had arranged to meet him on Saturday after telling her mum she would be staying with a pal.

“Police were trying to establish if Megan’s body was being moved or whether the crash was staged to cover up her murder,” reports The Sun.

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The men in question have been named locally.

An investigation is underway.

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