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Lads With These Names Are Most Likely To Cheat

What’s in a name?

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

A lot, apparently — including how likely someone is to cheat, allegedly. Or at least, it is according to a (dubious?) new survey commissioned by domain name registration site Sorry, Liam’s girlfriend — looks like your fella is considered to be one of the least trustworthy lads around.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, the study examined 2,000 women and their experiences with cheaters in conjunction with men’s names. Joining Liam in the top five are Wayne, Ryan, Matt, and Craig; other highly ranked names include Ashley (number 12) and Harry (number 11), both of which incidentally happen to be the names of popular boy band members of the past and present.

via Instagram

via Instagram

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Apparently 68 percent of women have been cheated on at least once, and a whopping one in ten is currently dating a man who has been accused of being a “love rat.” “Love rat,” by the way, is my new favorite phrase, and I will be employing it as frequently as possible from here on out.

For the curious, here’s the top ten names!


2. Liam

3. Ryan

4. Matt

5. Craig

6. Steve

7. Scott

8. Dean

9. Mark

10. Lee

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