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2016 has been a huge year for Lisa Cannon

For many, 2016 is the year they’d rather forget, while for others the last 12 months have exceeded their expectations. As a nation we’ve been busy: we commemorated the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising; seen sporting success at the Euros and the Olympic Games; mourned the passing of some famous icons, and devoured the celebrity stories that enthralled us.

Reflecting on another year gone by, Lisa Cannon opens up about the significant moments that have shaped her life and she reveals her plans for the year ahead.

Lisa Cannon

Lisa, 2016 has been a big year for you – how has it been?

It was a very reflective year, and my first year stepping into married life with Richard. I was getting into the swing of things and enjoying the celebrations when, sadly, my grandmother passed away in April. We were so thrilled that she lived until 103 and we were blessed to have her in our lives for so long. It doesn’t matter how long you have somebody in your life, once they pass away, their presence is gone. She was very much the matriarch and the godmother of the family, the loss is quite tremendous when somebody of that ilk and stature departs. Richard and I also went to Thailand to celebrate our five-year union early in the summer. The changes in Xposé came in August/September and that meant more reflection for me. Moving from showbiz to live weekend television was a bit of a firecracker for me. But it has been an interesting year with massive new beginnings and new horizons.

Via RSVP Magazine

Via RSVP Magazine

What is the most valuable lesson that life has taught you?

I always say that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself!

How do you overcome any barriers or disappointments that life throws at you?

Like everyone in life we all have our ups and downs, so if you get tangled up you just have to tango on again.

What moment has shaped your life the most?

Joining TV3 has shaped my life incredibly. I had been pursuing presenting roles on RTÉ’s Nationwide, Q102 and FM104. The transition into TV3 on such a long-term basis, ten years on one show, has shaped me. I have honed my craft and earned my stripes with extensive travelling and making great friends along the way. Career wise, being in TV3 has been a turning point in my life.

Lisa Cannon for RSVP mag-6Via RSVP Magazine

And in your personal life?

Going from a break-up to a new relationship, meeting Richard, has shaped my life in more ways than one. Little did I know that a little Welsh man would play such a big part in my life in lots of fantastic and fun ways. Looking at the pain and pleasure of life, the pain has to be losing my mother who I miss all of the time. Your career, someone wonderful entering your life and someone wonderful exiting your life are all part of who you are and who you become.

What will the New Year bring for you?

That’s a very good question, how the hell can I predict for 2017? I didn’t do a very good job in 2016! I would like if everyone that I hold close to me is healthy and happy. I hope that life continues as normal as it can be and everything is good in TV3. I don’t want any surprises, I have had a lot of them over the last few years!

Will you be making any resolutions?

I do a dry January every year and that will be staying the same. 

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