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Actor Patrick Fitzpatrick (Zumo Bishop) Shares His Daily Diet With Us


Breakfast- Four scrambled eggs, two slices of turkey with cherry tomatoes Or porridge with banana and a cup of tea. 

Lunch- mixed salads with chicken and boiled eggs. Can of Diet Coke 

Snacks– A handful of biscuits and tea with the possibility of a chocolate bar or two. I have a very bad sweet tooth so chocolate and the odd pack of jellies is a tough one, even harder than not drinking.

Dinner– 10oz ribeye steak and sweet potato fries with fat free yogurt and cucumber and mint dressing. 

Drinks throughout the day aldi’s flavoured water there about 70c a bottle and low in calories. I’d drink at least two bottles daily.  


Do you struggle with your weight or is this an issue for you? 

Yes my weight has been an issue for me for many years, when I was young I was always too slim and struggled to gain weight. By my early 20’s my weight gain became a struggle to maintain to the point I became obese, reaching almost 19 stone. In 2012 I joined BodyByrne fitness with a PT Juliana Andia and lost 4 stone after a few months training. The following year I put most of it back on again and finally, last summer, I decided to go at it once more and lost 4 1/2 stone in a few months training with Daniel Krowther. I’m still working at it. So yes, my weight has been a battle for me, but I’m so much happier this time around i’ll never go back to that unhealthy lifestyle. 

Do you go to the gym/exercise and how often (expand)? 

Yes, I exercise 3 times a week. Monday I do a two hours boxing class, Wednesday I do circuit training for an hour, Friday I do another boxing mixed cardiovascular classes and most weeks but not every week I’d go swimming on my days off to keep the muscles working and to improve my swimming. 

How often do you drink alcohol, how much roughly?

I gave up drinking alcohol in June/July 2015 and am pleased to say haven’t turned back to it, it really has had a positive impact on my life and my health. Only struggle giving up the drink was the amount of chocolate I replaced it with. 

Your biggest weakness?  I have got a lot of weaknesses, but to say I don’t always try overcome them and use them as strengths would be a lie. I am always pushing myself and setting goals and targets for myself to achieve and I don’t always make those targets on time but I accept that and know it’s progress not perfection. 

What supplements do you take?  (if any) 

I actually don’t take any supplements, I’m not against them I just don’t take them. 

Do you suffer with any allergies or bad health

I am lucky enough that I have absolutely no allergies, well none that I am aware of yet. 

What would be your final meal/favourite meal

My favourite meal of all time has to be 10oz ribeye steak and sweet potato with low fat yogurt and cucumber and mint dressing. It’s my favourite I have it at least twice a week. 



“Hi Paddy, Well done on losing 4 1/2 stone, especially having done it twice. I personally know how hard it is to shift that much weight (I lost over 5 stone myself before becoming a personal trainer) and it takes serious dedication to do, so brilliant job. It’s also great to hear that you’re happier and enjoying your new healthy lifestyle this time around. I always tell my clients there’s no magic pill or quick fixes to long term results. The only real way to sustain results for life is by changing to a new healthier lifestyle in lots of little ways. My advice is always to make sure you enjoy your new food and exercise habits as if you don’t, you’ll never keep them up. That being said lets have a look at your food.

Breakfast: I see you have eggs or porridge alternating on different days. They’re both great choices. On less active days I’d suggest going for the eggs as it is a great lower carb choice. However I would cut it down to 1-2 whole eggs along with 1-2 egg whites. Although eggs are a fantastic choice full of good quality protein, there are a lot of nutritional studies still pointing to the negative effects of the cholesterol and saturated fat contained in the yolks which can raise serum cholesterol in the blood when over-consumed. On training days make sure to carb up a bit more with the porridge. 

Lunch: I can see your lunch is very low carb along with the diet coke. I think this is causing your snack choices to be things like biscuits, chocolate bars etc.. as it is negatively effecting your blood sugar. The biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight (lose fat) is going too low carb. I think if you have a better, more balance lunch (like chicken, green vegetables and sweet potato) instead of just chicken salad you’ll find you won’t want to reach for those sugary fixes as much between meals and should stay satisfied for longer. I’d also try cut out your diet coke, although low in calories the diet versions of fizzy drinks have been proven to cause the same sugary cravings as the full sugar versions. Do your best to drink 2L of water per day. I know it’s said so often but you really will see a big improvement in energy levels, clearer skin and brain function with better hydration.

Dinner: 10oz steak is a very big steak. I’d only recommend at most 6-8oz of lean meat at dinner for a guy who is regularly strength training. The body will get adequate protein with the 6-8oz at dinner, especially if you’re having a good protein source at your other main meals. Also make sure to try and get a good mix of leaner meats like chicken, turkey and some fish. I know its your favourite meal but for long term health the WHO (world health organisation) recommend to limit red meat to moderation. With the sweet potato fries, if home made and oven cooked they’re perfect. If frozen bagged and fried then they’re as unhealthy as any bag of chips, so opt for the home made variety.

Snacks: If you’re getting cravings for chocolate bars try some of the better quality protein bars on the market. Quest and Fulfil are two brands I always recommend. They can satisfy that sweet craving while still helping with muscle recovery. Try ditch the biscuits and chocolate as best you can. For you I’d suggest some fresh fruit daily and a good quality protein bar as snacks over the sugary one’s you’re having currently.

Exercise: Your training sounds great Paddy. I would recommend that on your circuit training day on Wednesdays you make sure that it is more geared towards building strength and shaping your body through large compound exercises like squats, deadlift, bench press, pull ups, overhead pressing etc… With the boxing training you are working more with HIIT style workouts and conditioning and your swimming is working your aerobic fitness. It is important that your circuit training day is more towards strength training so you are working all area’s of your fitness for the best possible results for your body overall. You have a great attitude and I’m positive you will get to where you want to be with your body. Remember you can’t fail if you don’t give up.”

Yours in fitness,

Jonathan Ledden,

BodyByrne Fitness.”

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne

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