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3 ways of sticking to that Weight Watchers’ weight loss plan

It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re concentrating on eating healthy and keeping fit. So this Monday morning, we have three helpful tips from Weight Watchers to help keep you on the right track towards your goal this week!

1. Exercise with a friend: It’s one way of getting you going and when you’re supporting one another, it’s not quite as easy to back out of pre-arranged plans. Whether it’s a walk every evening with your neighbour or joining a fitness group with your BFF, together you can guilt-trip one another into doing your daily exercise requirements.


2. Control your surroundings: An emergency tub of ice-cream or those biscuits you insist on buying in case a visitor pops in unexpectedly, makes it too hard to resist. One weak moment and your head will be stuck in the freezer looking for the vanilla. Resist buying them in the first place and that way you’ll have no choice but to go without!

3. Walk instead: Walk on as many occasions as you can. Get off the bus one stop earlier, leave the car at home whenever possible and walk up the stairs rather than using the lift in the office. Making small changes to your overall daily regime can help make a bigger difference in the long run.

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