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Love dogs? Love blogs? Then you really should check out these 5 blogs we have gone and found, just for you!

These blogs cover everything from nutritional information for your pooch, to tips on how to keep them fit and happy, and everything inbetween.


1. Puppy Leaks

Puppy Leaks is a blog where dog owners can find simple tips & advice on how to live a happier, healthier life with our dogs. From easy ways to keep your dog busy indoors to tips on how to reduce food guarding, you can find it here. We can live a happier life with our dogs, and the best part is it doesn’t require a bunch of material things. It takes patience, dedication & plenty of good old fashioned play. From science and research to training tips and back to well-written opinion articles, there’s something for everyone on this blog.

2. Oh My Dog

“OMD delivers a positive dose of dog (nearly) every day. At OMD you’ll find a range of dog-related topics: stories about my pups, reviews, DIY pup projects, training tips, and more. Though the content may vary, every single post ties directly into my core values:

  • compassion
  • service
  • passion
  • community
  • eco-consciousness

My dogs are the funniest, sweetest creatures I’ve ever known. They teach and inspire me every single day. Hopefully, I can share what I’ve learned and gather even more inspiration from the passionate online community of dog lovers!”

3. That Mutt: A Dog Blog

In the “dog world” there is no shortage of dog lovers telling other people what to do, as though their way of raising, obtaining and training a dog is the only way. That Mutt is a site for dog lovers who live in the real world! This is the right blog for you if you are open to different training methods and always willing to LEARN from others. It’s the right blog for you if you respect both rescue groups and breeders and if you are interested in buying natural products but probably don’t freak out over feeding less-expensive dog treats every now and then.

4. Slim Doggy

A team that consists of experienced techies as well as dog and fitness fanatics. They have been involved with dog rescues for many years and are committing to using the SlimDoggy brand to assist pet focused charitable organizations while they work to solve the pet obesity problem. This is your go-to blog for information on the importance of keeping your doggie fit and well exercised.

5. No Dog About It

Run by a woman called Mel (Melissa), she is a former pet sitter and dog walker from St Paul, Minnesota.

The blog was started as a way to share pet information with her clients, but over time it has become a venue in which to share her ponderings, thoughts, pet knowledge and experience on a wide variety of pet-related topics and issues. She invites you to share your own thoughts, comments, questions and experiences. “I am always excited to learn from others, and I value the opinions of those who may have a different perspective.”


Pictures from respective blogs and Google Images

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