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5 Of The Coolest Places To Eat And Drink With Your Dog In Dublin

There’s nothing better than getting to spend your WHOLE day with your beloved dog, and there’s nothing worse than having to leave your dog outside a cafe while you eat your lunch alone.

So here are the seven loveliest places you can spend your day with your pooch BFF.


Pupp is Dublin first ever dog-focused café and you can find it located on Clanbrassil Street. It only opened late last year, and since then, it’s been the main spot for dog lovers and their canine friends. You can also get really good coffee and really good food here, so it’s a win-win situation.


Another Clanbrassil street gem, MVP came under scrutiny last year by the Health and Safety services and the pub was told that it needed to stop allowing dogs through the doors. However, it’s dedicated owners fought it, and it’s now still one of Dublin’s coolest places to go and have a pint with your dog.


Anseo is not only a really, really cool pub – but you can also bring along your furry friend because dogs are welcomed with open arms in here. Dance the night together or just have a few quiet pints, you’ll both be loving the craic.

The Dog House Blues Tearoom

This is one of the coolest, quirkiest and prettiest places in Dublin, made better by the stunning Howth seaview. As the name suggests, dogs are welcome here and quite frankly, it’s like a doggie heaven for them. It’s located right beside the DART station so there’s no excuse lads.


This is seriously one of the most laid back and chilled places to eat in Dublin, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular for with both dog owners and their little friends. Dogs roam as people in this great little spot and may even be offered leftovers on occasion.



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