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Abused and neglected dog saves foster family from fire

An abused and neglected dog has become a real life a hero!

The 1-year-old black lab mix went home with a Louisville foster mom Tuesday. By Wednesday, he saved her and her other animals from a fire.

When Bacchus arrived at The Arrow Fund in December, he was not in good shape.

“Bacchus came to us with two back broken legs and a displaced knee, found in a cold ditch in rural Kentucky,” said Rebecca Eaves, President of The Arrow Fund.

Bacchus has been on the mend and on Tuesday he was well enough to stay with a family. So his foster mom took him home.

“He was home literally 24 hours in his foster home with Barb Lewis and her other dogs. They were sitting on their beds and he kept pawing at a box,” said Eaves.

The box contained a drone that Lewis got for Christmas, she told Bacchus to leave it, then she fell asleep.

“Basically she woke up and her home was full of smoke. He had gotten into that box, and pulled out a burning lithium battery, that’s why he was pawing at it, he detected something was wrong and was going on.”

The vet at Blue Pearl is now checking Bacchus for possible lithium battery parts in his stomach.

“I love this dog, I love this dog. He’s got a fantastic spirit and he’s done fantastic things already.”

The hero will be ready for his forever family in a few months.

What a clever and brave pup…….

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