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Are you addicted to sugar? Top foods to replace and kick your sugar addiction.

With the recent controversy surrounding the negative effects of sugar on our bodies, here at RSVP we want to make things a little bit easier for you, by introducing you to various foods that you can use to replace sugar in your diet.


After the implementation of a sugar tax, Ireland is fast becoming more aware of the harmful and addictive properties of sugar.

Dr. Eva Orsmond first brought to light the dangers when RTE aired her show, Sugar Crash, in January. Ireland is the fourth highest consumer of sugar, but hopefully with the recent awakening we can drop down that list. Dr.Eva also featured on Claire Byrne Live last week to discuss the correlation between sugar and diabetes. It has been said that sugar is more addictive than Cocaine!

If you crave a sugary treat, every day after dinner, you too could be in trouble!

Studies show, that dieting almost always results in failure, which is why instead of dieting, a lifestyle change is more effective. A high sugar intake can leave you feeling tired, sick, and lacking energy.

Replacing your sugary treat with something less harmful will have you on your way to restoring your health!


The number one sugar replacement is STEVIA.

This is an all natural sugar substitute, and unlike many other substitutes Stevia has no calories and is derived from a plant. You will still  get that sweet kick, without the damage, as Stevia is 200 times sweeter than sugar!!



Available in all health stores including Nourish,The Health Store, Fallon and Byrne and Supervalue.

Swap your ice-cream for some natural yoghurt, add some stevia, some almond butter and some coconut shredding’s and you have your own all natural dessert. You can even add in fruit and nuts to your taste.


If you are a choc-a-holic, then simply swapping to a natural dark chocolate will benefit your health enormously. Cacao powder is also a great replacement. It is the purest form of chocolate on the block!! Rozanna Purcell has an array of different recipes in her book/blog Natural Born Feeder, which will help you replace chocolate with cacao desserts.




Meridian Almond butter, peanut butter and cashew nut butter are all purely natural ingredients without any additives. Over half the jar of Nutella is sugar, so this replacement is key!

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Add some of the butter onto rice cakes, or inbetween bananna slices.


Fizzy drinks are one of the most addictive sugary treats in Ireland. Swap them for a milkshake if you still need that sweet kick. Almond milk, Coconut milk, Natural Yoghurts, Fruits and Berries are all great ingredients for making your own healthy milkshake/smoothie. Add a few spoonful’s of your Stevia and you are all set.



That is our top tips here at RSVP, but make sure to check out some of our leading Irish ladies, Rozanna Purcell and Rosanna Davison as they have a broad range of recipes.

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