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Aisling O’Loughlin: “It’s Time For More Indoor Play Areas for Kids”

Mother of two, Aisling O’Loughlin has called for something important that could change the lives of parents forever…

The Xposé presenter has asked why there are not more indoor play areas for children? Well, she is dead right folks, there really should be!

Just think about it, how much easier would it be if we thought about the kids and what they might like when they visit a hotel or restaurant.

See what the pregnant TV star had to say in her RSVP Magazine column, here:

Aisling O'Loughlin

With all this talk about the women of the Rising, here’s my tuppence worth for the centenary commemoration: Can we have more indoor play areas for children please? A small gesture perhaps, but one that would show a nation that cares for it’s small people and their mothers in particular, because mammy gets blamed for everything! Can we also make it either seriously inexpensive or better still, free? And warm please, the weather is too unpredictable outdoors.

We know children don’t like shopping or sitting obediently in restaurants. It’s not their way. They love to play and have fun and meet new pals. Why not allocate some space to accommodate their needs, with a few toys, some books, some colouring pencils? I can’t tell you how much parents appreciate it when there’s somewhere to get a circuit break, without parental supervision. We were lucky enough to spend a family weekend in The Malton Hotel in Killarney, Co Kerry recently and I tip my hat to the Scally family who know a thing or two about hosting.

IMG_9297 aisling O'loughlin

Talk about treating their child guests with respect and care! Not only was there a kids’ play room in the evening so that the parents (and their other patrons) could enjoy a meal in peace, but they laid on the most sumptuous children’s tea party that weekend, in aid of Down Syndrome Kerry. There wasn’t a chicken goujon, pizza or chips in sight, just the finest high tea with fresh sandwiches, scones and dainties. The children were in their element.

Considering our dark past in the treatment of the nation’s children, the time has come to make amends and for planners, architects, hoteliers, restaurateurs to consider the smallies. At the peak of the Celtic Tiger, all we got were fancy Golf Clubs for fat cats, now that things are apparently on the up again, how about we look after the kids? That’s an Ireland I would be proud to celebrate.

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