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Aisling O’Loughlin: Rules to Perfect Parents- Do they Exist?


Oh what a relief it is to meet other renegades struggling with the Rules to Perfect Parenting! You know the Rules. Kids in bed by 7.30pm, 8pm at the latest (or else they’ll be obese adults!). No running, screaming, crying, laughing, talking loudly, messing in public. No sugar, EVER! Vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clean clothes maketh the child. Speak when you’re spoken to. Don’t answer back. Sit up straight. Show no personality. Five minutes screen time before your brain starts to melt. Blah, blah, blah! My goodness, it’s exhausting, especially when you have rebels like mine who push against every request you make like it’s some kind of a ridiculous joke.

Listen, I get it! I know we’re supposed to make a public display of how wonderfully in charge we are of our offspring but sometimes, despite your best efforts, you find yourself on the losing side. And Lordy Lord! There’s very little sympathy on the parent who gets it wrong! Get cross to restore order and you’re the devil’s spawn.

Try positive reinforcement to calm the situation and you’re sneered at for being soft. It’s hard to win. So it was with great delight that our next door neighbours had a screaming newborn and a curious four-year-old while camping for a few days in France over the summer.

Of course, I was sorry for the little chap and his reflux and for the pressure it put on his parents, but at least they weren’t lording their perfection over our band of rebels. It meant that when Louis had one of his rather dramatic two-year-old meltdowns, I didn’t feel so bad. Or when Patrick made a bee-line for their boy’s toys, I didn’t have to over apologise for his forwardness. They were cool. We had a nice time together. Nobody was uptight about the Rule Book. Phew!


How cute are these early-walker shoes?  Designed to allow those twinkle toes develop as nature intended with as little intrusion as possible, Bimbles can we worn inside and out.  And since gold boots are all the rage this season, these Super Limited Edition Platinum Luxe Moccasins are the ultimate indulgence for the style savvy. £70.


My goodness those baby neck rolls just make me melt! But they can be tricky to keep free from redness, especially until baby is strong enough to hold his head up on his own. I find Caldesene nappy rash relief cream works wonders to counter any redness and acts as a barrier to any stray milk leaks.


So it turns out there’s no such thing as flushable wipes. Even the packages that clearly state the wipes are flushable, aren’t! They simply don’t biodegrade fast enough to avoid clogging pipes – and it’s causing major problems globally. The wipes glue with fats and oils creating “fatbergs” that cause major blockages and expense for residents and councils. Clogged plumbing aside, many wet wipes break down into microplastics that go on to be eaten by plankton and fish. All in all, not good for the environment or the future of our delicate planet. In the UK, The Marine Conservation Society is asking consumers to ignore the “flushable” label and bin those wipes. We should follow suit.


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