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Aisling O’Loughlin: “Why are my kids never tired? Quite frankly, bedtime is a nightmare”



Why are my kids never tired? Quite frankly, bedtime is a nightmare. I’ve heeded all the advice. I try everything. The bedtime ritual; a bath, wind-down no technology zone, no sugar, a story in their room, separating them so they can fall asleep in peace. It takes forever.

By the time it gets to Me-Time, I’m pooped, done for, only fit for the bed myself and inevitably, a little munchkin ends up hopping in in the middle of the night to ensure a restless and broken night’s kip.

Sorry Super Nanny, by that stage, I’m so wiped out, there’s no hope of planting him back in his own bed.

That is one thing so many of these parenting experts don’t factor in or give credence to, the level of exhaustion of the parent. Self preservation has to kick in at some stage, even if you’re not adhering to best practice of The Parenting Manual.

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Last night I was lulled into a false sense of security when I imagined all the bandits were down. It was perfect bliss for around an hour, until Louis turned up at the sitting room door covered in white. I’d been painting the spare room and had left the paint out as I wanted to go at it again.

He lead me into the room to show me his handiwork. Paint everywhere. By the time I’d washed him, changed him, gave him a stern warning and put him back to bed, the rest of the night was spent scrubbing paint off the floor.

So clearly they’re just not tired enough for bedtime. My next step is to get them out playing and running around more. Maybe they’re not getting enough fresh air.  In the words of Coldplay, “nobody said it was easy, but no-one ever said it would be this hard”. I want my sleep back and I want my kids to go to bed on time! Universe, I’ve put in my cosmic order, please duly respond. Pleeeease!



Another brilliant Irish company blazing a trail in the ethics department is

The company use the GOTS certification system, which ensures strict criteria on minimum working age and fair wages. Now that’s good fashion karma. How adorable are these pink and gold moccasins for a reasonable price of €27. The best part about them is they practically open in half thanks to a hidden elasticated inside, so are easy to slip on to baby’s wriggling squiggy toes.


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Get some mileage out of your little one’s Christmas jumper with this adorable Percy the Penguin sweater from online store, that won’t look out of place in January or February. Everything on the site is unisex and built to last. What I love most though, is that sisters Sarah and Debbie, go to great lengths to make sure all items on their website are produced ethically, in respectful work environments, using organic cottons and dyes. If we want to change the world, these are the kind of businesses we need to support. The consumer drives the market. Bravo Sarah and Debbie!




With its humble beginnings at the market in Marley Park, Dublin, Taden Design has grown to become an online shop – – with a fun and affordable selection of children’s accesories. This monochrome reindeer set is a winner at €18.

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