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Al Porter Reveals Huge Secret On Living With Lucy

Who knew?

Much loved comedian Al Porter admitted something fairly shocking on Living With Lucy tonight and Twitter certainly had something to say about it.

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Just as Lucy arrived into the Tallaght man’s home, she is greeted by Al’s father whose surname is actually Kavanagh.

Surprised, Lucy asks Al why his name is Porter and he reveals that while he was in college, he changed his surname so that his parents wouldn’t find out that he was not attending lectures, but instead he was gigging all around Dublin and there were posters being plastered everywhere.


Oblivious to all of this, viewers were quick to take to Twitter with their surprise.

One user wrote: ”Whaaaaat? His name isn’t actually Al porter?? Who knew??”

Another wrote: ”I’m a HUGE fan of Al Porter and I never would have guessed this. Omg”.

Al Porter

While another wrote: ”WTF. He’s been living under a false identity all this time”.

It one of the most hilarious Living With Lucy’s so far, Alan introduces Lucy to her very first Spice Box, his rather eclectic wardrobe, his flare for heartfelt poetry and humiliates her in front of his audience.

These two definetly need a show together!

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