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Amy Huberman opens up about how she loves the simple things in life

Actress, novelist, scriptwriter, shoe designer, the list of titles for Amy Huberman go on and on. However, some how she has still remained a down to earth funny gal that we can all relate to. Honestly if you haven’t check her out on Instagram or Twitter you should, she’s hilarious.

The mother of two seems to be constantly on the go and is always rocking a casual but sophisticated style. However, speaking with The Irish Independent, the 38 year old mum of two said that she just enjoys the simple things in life.

Speaking about life as a mother, she said;¬†“I feel very grateful for two gorgeous little kiddies that I love spending time with – simple things like going to the playground. It’s the simple things that are the best things.”

How sweet!

She also spoke about how she keeps some clothes up safe for her daughter Sadie who is four. An we have to say we’re quite jealous. Amy’s wardrobe is amazing!

“Blanaid is a friend of mine and she said, ‘Keep that one for your daughter when she’s older.’ I’ve a few pieces that I’ve kept back – and Sadie may hate them, and they will probably be taken out of the attic and will be full of moth holes – but it’s kind of nice.”

“I would be a little sentimental like that. In my huge wardrobe clear-outs, I’d go to [designer exchange resale store] Siopaella, and then I’d ring Ella [de Guzman, the owner] two weeks later and say, ‘Will you hold back those two because they were kind of sentimental, and I wore that to that…’ I have kept a couple of things but, at the moment, I’m on the vibe of getting rid of things I don’t wear.”

Just when we thoguht she couldn’t get anymore down to earth! We’re sure Sadie will love the pieces you’ve kept her!

Story via the Irish Independent.

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