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An Uplifting Experience at Aviary Beauty & Hair

I love treating my skin to the rare but wonderful facial, something I wish I could do a bit more often! It’s that post-facial glow that I love so much, the relaxing treatment and the way my skin deals with make-up in the days that follow. So when the opportunity came up to visit the popular Aviary Beauty & Hair salon in Newbridge recently, I couldn’t wait to be on the receiving end of some much-needed TLC.

Michelle Robinson is the Salon Manager at Aviary Beauty & Hair and if I am ever to book myself in for another facial treatment, it’s Michelle I will go to. I have had facials previously in salons and I will admit, they don’t often live up to the relaxation you feel when you’re getting a similar treatment in a spa. However, I can honestly say it is a totally different experience in Aviary Beauty. The salon is beautiful and the treatment room is everything you hope it to be – subtly decorated, warm, inviting and quiet. And Michelle goes all out to ensure you have a completely relaxing experience. She had asked me before the treatment if I wanted an active treatment or a more relaxing experience and, after a hectic, stressful few months, I was sold on the latter and Michelle knew exactly what it was I needed – the Darphin Instant Illuminating Facial.

Aviary Beauty uses the beautiful Darphin skincare products, a luxurious Parisian brand. Michelle and her team began working with the brand 10 years ago and she admitted that no other brand will ever compare for her. And it shows. Michelle’s skin is flawless and glowing – and she was make-up free on the day. I decided then and there that if my skin could look half as good as Michelle’s, I’d happily become a Darphin convert. And I have.

At the beginning of the treatment, Michelle wrapped my feet in an exfoliating foot treatment wrap, before she began the hour long treatment with a welcoming massage to help me relax and release that whole load of tension I had been storing. Using Darphin’s ‘Intral’ cleansing milk, Michelle cleansed my face and soothed any skin irritations, before doing a second cleanse with Darphin’s gorgeous Rosewood Cleansing Balm, a product that reacts with water to intensely hydrate the skin. Next was a double exfoliation – first using an age defying dermabrasion product with pearl extract to brighten the skin and remove dull skin cells, and then using a customised exfoliation chosen by Michelle for my specific skin needs: cereal and vitamin powder infused with a hydrating aromatic rose oil. This felt amazing on the skin, it stimulated cell renewal and works to deeply hydrate the lower layers of active skin cells.

Following the exfoliation, Michelle gave my skin a muscle lifting massage, which worked to leave my skin free of toxins and fluid. My skin was immediately plumper, smoother and firmer.


Next, Michelle chose a customised salon-only mask which she spread across my skin. She told me this mask was working to enhance the absorption of aromatic oils and creams on the skin. While she left the mask on for a few minutes, I received a really relaxing scalp massage as well as a hand and arm massage. It was bliss! Michelle removed the mask with a hot towel, and then went on to apply one of Darphin’s newest ranges, Exquisage serum and moisturising cream. The products smelled beautiful and my skin looked so much better afterwards. I’m not one to walk out of a salon post-facial and look like a movie star, but I felt I really looked healthy and well-rested and my skin was smooth and glowing for the entire day.

Following the treatment, Michelle gave me some home care recommendations, suggested I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated during the day – which I did, and told me to avoid wearing make-up for the next 24 hours. She also gave me some Darphin samples to try over the following week.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a facial less than 60 minutes is simply not going to do the job – you need that hour to get away from it all and thoroughly enjoy the treatment. Not only did I feel my skin looked better in the days that followed, and my makeup lasted longer because of its healthy base, but I felt rejuvenated too. The hour-long treatment gave me time to wind down, switch off and forget about the stresses of daily life. And this was reflected in Michelle’s own ethos too.

“An hour of two in the salon is time away from work or family and friends, so as a therapist I must ensure a client feels this time in treatment is time well spent. Time to unwind, time to recharge, time to switch off, emerging not just feeling but looking rested and relaxed. These results should continue for days post treatment. A Darphin treatment is not just beneficial aesthetically but mentally,” she said. And she’s completely right.


Before heading home, I took half an hour to get a quick blow dry too, with stylist Claire using L’oreal Professional Hair Products. I went home happy with glowing skin, bouncy hair and enough energy to┬átake on another hectic week.

Aviary Beauty is a tranquillity away from our busy, everyday lives. It’s not just a salon, but a haven where the therapists and stylists really want you to walk away feeling better about yourself, outside and in. If you’re thinking of treating yourself in the coming weeks, give Aviary Beauty a call and book in for one of Michelle’s tailor-made and uplifting facials. It will be well worth it!


Aviary Beauty & Hair, Roseberry Hill, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Call 045 450692 and follow them on Facebook, click here.

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