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Aoibhin Garrihy’s Husband John Pays The Most Stunning Tribute To Her On Top Of Mount Everest

Okay, okay, so we might be bawling.

But this is the one of the most romantic things we have ever heard of, and it just proves how perfect Aoibhin and John are for one another.

John became the very first man from Clare to reach the top of the summit a couple of days ago, and while on top, he made a little video and paid tribute to his Dancing With The Star’s wife.

Speaking about the woman who stole his heart, he admitted:

”It’s an achievement of a 10 year goal for me. It’s been hell on Earth to get here, but I’m here now”.

“I want to dedicate this to Aoibhin, my wife, who I love very much.”

 ”I want to thank you Aoibhin, for all the support and all the sacrifices you’ve made in our relationship”.

“To allow me to prepare, and allow me to be here. Looking forward to getting back home, cause that’s always the best time”.

John, who is a very successful businessman by day also paid  a stunning tribute to his father when he said:

“I’m on the top of the world, and perhaps closer to the people who have gone before me. In particular my Dad, and John Curtain”.

“So anyways, this is done with. I won’t be coming out here again. But it’s been a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to everyone at home for the support.”


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