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Appeal to rehome dogs that ‘can’t be split’ goes viral

A dog rescue charity’s appeal for four pairs of golden retrievers to be rehomed as “they can’t be split” has gone viral on social media.

Irish Retriever Rescue wrote the post on Facebook last Wednesday, asking the public for help.

“Desperately looking for adopters for pairs of middle aged dogs, we currently have four pairs of dogs that can’t be split and another one on the way.”

Lorraine Johnston, a founding member of the charity, said within two days the post has been viewed almost 285,000 times and shared by more than 2,000 people.

She said although the charity had rehomed pairs of dogs before, they had not had so many pairs in need at the one time.

“These pairs are totally bonded so we will ensure they are rehomed together no matter how long it takes to get a perfect home,” she said.

Ms Johnston said all the dogs had been surrendered because their owners were not able to care for them anymore.

“We have assured the owners that we will keep the together and we always keep our promises,” she said.

In just two days the animal charity said they had received an “overwhelming response” to the plea.

“I have been flooded with hundreds of private messages and am working my way through them, so please be patient for a response, I have to sleep and work at some point,” the charity wrote on Facebook.

Ms Johnston said the post had raised the profile of Irish Retriever Rescue.

“It’s wonderful that so many people are passionate about our breed,” she said.

“In 12 years, we have never turned a golden retriever away and hope to always be able to say that.”

Ms Johnston said the rescue service was run by volunteers and money raised goes directly to dog welfare.

We really hop these guys get the homes that they deserve……….

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