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Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Anxious? Try The Positivity Packs’ 6 Step Guide To Unwind

We all know anxiety isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, with the stress of work, kids, friendships or money..

You’re thinking there has to be a way to just relax and unwind…

Well we’re here to give you one of our fave ways to chill out, the positivity pack way (yessir!)

Including a stress ball and stylish pad for all your worries it’s the nicest way to spend your R&R..

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Positivity Pack

The packs six step guide will have you smiling from ear to ear and dancing on the sofa!

1.Talk about your problems with a friend; as we all know it’s super important to have a good support system in place, people around you to build you up when you’re feeling low and help you deal with stressful situations.


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2.Go for a walk or spend a night out with friends; going out for a bit of fresh air is a fantastic way to clear your head from stress and worries. Exercising is also absolutely fab for working those muscles in your thighs and tummy and a healthy body builds the foundation for a healthy mind (fantastic!)


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3.Think back to the good times; it’s not always easy to remain calm or positive when you have a ton of worries plaguing your ceann, but take a deep breath and think back to those funny moments when you’re best friend dropped her ice cream on your cat or your dog started running around in circles instead of joining you for a walk!


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4. Be grateful for what you have; not always the easiest step to follow if you’re stressed or down but absolutely fantastic for building yourself back up from being down in the dumps. Write down everything you’re good at, names of people who care about you and things you’ve accomplished in life. Read it out loud and feel a little bit better about your stressy situation (you’ve got this!)


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5.Hugs; I can’t express enough how important it is to get your daily quota of hugs. As the nurturing and warm gesture of a hug strengthens the immune system. Not only that but it boosts oxytocin levels which get rid of any feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger (Hugs all round!)


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5.Don’t forget to smile; Smiling and laughing lowers stress levels, boosts the mood and lets go of all tension from the body. The simple act of smiling can also put everyone else in the room in a cheerful mood as they mirror your good mood (you go girl!)


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Written by: Amy O’ Regan

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