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The Irish County With The Sexiest Accent Have Been Revealed

Sure look, this was a no brainer and it was always OF COURSE going to be a Northern accent. There’s nothing better than listening to that soothing, smooth Northern Irish accent and there’s nothing more pleasing on the ears than hearing someone say ”pain” or ”rain” – it’s just magical! A recent Slice of Ireland survey asked 21,000 […]

Pat Kenny’s Daughter Kristina is an Absolute Stunner!

Wow, she is gorgeous! Pat Kenny’s daughter Kristina recently made a rare appearance with her famous Dad to attend a play at The Gaiety. The father and daughter posed for an adorable snap before going to see The 39 Steps in the Dublin theatre. The former RTE star has two daughters with his wife of 25 years […]

These Are The Six Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer That You Should Never Ignore

In Ireland, approximately 300 women in Ireland are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year and over 90 women die from the disease. It’s the most common cancer in women aged 35 and under and the 13th most common overall. According to research, only 63% of people with cervical cancer survive for more than 10 […]

The Most Inexpensive High Street Makeup Items That Rival The Designer Brands

Why spend your weeks wages on one makeup item when you can buy loads for a fraction of the price? We’ve put together the holy grail makeup items that will save you the cash, but have you looking amazing. And here they are… Collection Concealer  If you hit up any YouTube makeup guru’s, you’ll come […]

13 Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Working In RSVP Magazine

As they say, everything has to come to and end, and today is my final day working for RSVP Magazine after almost two and a half years. During my time working as an online journo, I’ve accumulated countless hilarious stories, learned many life lessons, and indeed, made a holy show of myself more times than […]

Huge Hunt For Monkey Who Escaped From Fota Wildlife Park And Is Now On The Loose

A monkey is currently on the loose in Cork – after escaping from Fota Wildlife Park. According to The Sun, the zoo keepers are hoping for the safe return, but it’s not known if he is okay as of yet. A spokesperson for the Cork wildlife park yesterday confirmed that the male primate had escaped from his enclosure. […]

Kate Middleton Is Once Again At The Centre Of Pregnancy Rumours

Kate Middleton has sent the rumour mill into overdrive that she’s expecting once again. After recently causing a stir while on royal in Poland, the Duchess Of Cambridge has sent the rumour mill into overdrive once again. She was previously overheard telling her husband Prince William they would just need “to have more babies” after after receiving a […]

People Are Seriously Confused By These New Socks In Penneys

Ah lads! Penneys have just introduced these new, VERY over the top socks into their collection, and people are seriously not convinced by them. The popular Irish store took to Instagram yesterday to share a photo of a model wearing the socks, in the middle of trying to tie them as they go all the […]

Holly Willoughy Gets Massive Pay Rise To Match Co-Host Philip Schofiled

ABOUT TIME!! Holly Willoughby has finally been given a raise of £200k which will now match her This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield, it has been revealed. After 11 years working together Holly’s salary is finally being boosted to match her colleague for the projects they work on as a pair, doing the exact same amount of […]

Nadine Coyle Defends Celebrity Big Brother’s Sarah Harding

Nadine Coyle has shared her support for pal Sarah Harding, as the Celebrity Big Brother star continues to receive backlash over her relationship with Chad Johnson in the house. While Nicola Roberts refused to talk about her bandmate, Nadine Coyle, has openly shared a series of tweets about Sarah Harding. But the Irish beauty clearly hasn’t been keeping up […]

Gunman Takes Hostages In City Centre Restaurant

Will this ever stop? A furious employee gunman stormed a restaurant, shot one person dead and held several people hostage this evening in Charleston, South Carolina. According to reports from Sky News, the gunman shot a person dead in the restaurant in Charleston and shouted “there’s a new king in Charleston”. According to reports, he then took […]

Everyone Is Talking About This Penneys Dress

This is absolutely fabulous! What a dream of a dress this truly is and for only 16 Euro too. A post shared by Primark (@primark) on Aug 23, 2017 at 11:03am PDT Samantha Mumba caused a stir online in this Penneys number, and it’s no wonder why. The noughties superstar was living it up on […]

Everyone Wants Nathan Carter To Go On Dancing With The Stars

It seems that a LOT of people want Nathan Carter to go on the next season of Dancing With The Stars… And with his massive fanbase, he would most certainly be walking away with the winning title. If you’re a fan of the country singer, you’ll know that he’s already one for the subtle moves […]

Skin Cancer Rates Have Hit New High Levels In Ireland

This is terrifying… The Irish Cancer society has teamed up with with the Irish Farmers’ Association and the Construction Industry Federation to launch its annual SunSmart skin cancer prevention campaign. And according to their research, one person a week is said to be dying of skin cancer in Ireland, and the rates of people getting […]

Conor McGregor Makes Huge Admission Ahead Of The Mayweather Fight This Saturday

Fair play to him for this… Conor McGregor has admitted he did suffer some “slips of the tongue” during THAT press conference with Floyd Mayweather despite denying the claims earlier this month. There was worldwide controversy after the Dublin native made certain remarks that people described as racist, and now Conor has come out and […]

Stephen Bear Confirms Break Up With Charlotte Crosby

We did not see this coming at all… It looks like Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have broken up again, just days after the Geordie Shore star took to Twitter to share the news that her and Stephen had separated. This afternoon, Stephen tweeted from his holiday in Las Vegas to confirm their relationship had […]

People Are Fuming Over This Picture Of Chloe Ferry For One Main Reason

Geordie Shore Chloe Ferry took to Twitter yesterday to boast that she had passed her driving test on her first attempt. Obviously delighted with her results, Chloe shared a picture of herself holding up her certificate after her achievement. She captioned the shot: “Never been so proud of myself! Passed my driving test first time.” However, it has now been […]