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Baby induced two weeks early to meet her dying father

A photo of a father and his newborn baby has gone viral for a heartbreaking reason.

Savannah Aulger was born two weeks early so that she could meet her dying father in time.

31 year old Diane Aulger told ABC news that her husband was able to hold their daughter for 45 minutes after she was induced early.

Her husband Mark, thought he had beaten cancer, but heartbreakingly, after eight months of chemotherapy doctors told him it had destroyed his lungs leaving him with pulmonary fibrosis.

She told the news station, before his daughter’s birth he was given just a week to live, saying:

“He was awake and alert, I really didn’t believe the doctor. The next day his doctor came in and said: “When are you going to have this baby? He held her for 45 minutes, Him and I just cried that whole time.”

The next day, her husband was only able to hold Savannah for a minute before he slipped into a coma, and just days later he died – with his wife and four children at his side and newborn daughter in his arms.

Diane revealed:

“His heart rate started to drop and his breathing started to drop, so I put her in his arms and held his hand until he died”

Our hearts go out to them.

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